Emry Onyx Rain

Name || Emry Onyx Rain
Goes by || Emry, Em, Ryry
Gender || Female
Sexuality || LESBIAN
Birthday || February 3rd
Age || 23
Zodiac || Aquarius
Height || 5'0
Weight || 100 Lbs

More about her:
Favorite color || Purple
Favorite drink || something strong
Favorite food || anything vegetarian

Music type || Rock
Vehicle || Volt
Occupation || marine biologist in training
Hobbies || Fish keeping, wine tasting, late night parties, and concerts

What annoys her || being called dude, people being jerks, people who are mean to animals, drunks touching her or someone else, karaoke.

Family life || Adopted at birth and grew up with a very religious family. Has two younger siblings who are also adopted who she is very protective of. She currently does not have a family of her own and is unlikely to settle and doesnt think shell ever really be into the whole "family life" concept. Because of this she is hard to reign in and rarely stays in relationships long, however she knows anything is possible. Current statue :: SINGLE. Always single...

How to win her heart?(if you dare) || Long romantic walks under the stars. Short sweet kisses. Staring intently into her eyes. Silent evenings watching movies and cuddling. Concerts with loud music and flashing lights.
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