Destiny based rp

Disclaimer: This can only be set in the Destiny Canon Universe and in no others, I will allow some slight bending of canon if need be but has to remain in this universe still

The story arc for the rp can consist of really anything but the only exceptions i do have is the characters have to either A. Meet in the Crucible B. Meet in Trials of the Nine/Osiris C. on a STRIKE/NIGHTFALL or D. Gambit/Gambit Prime operation MAYBE a Patrol even.
not to say that they cannot first see each other in the Tower/Farm/Reef/Felwinter Peak social spaces but they cannot fully interact with each other until those activities, Just because those activities are where most players interact fully(Excluding RAIDs because they wouldnt have met yet and that would be harder to do as it mostly requires 6 active Guardians)

for this i present 6 total Guardians(2 of each class) i will order them by the guardians i actually use in the game first then by ones im making in order to have more options

Female Hunter( Sera, Human)
Male Warlock(Xander, Awoken)
Female Titan(Victoria,Human)

Male Hunter( Chase, Human)
Female Warlock( Kassandra, Awoken)
Male Titan( Drake-2)
Further descriptions of the guardians are available if asked for

If you do not know much about Destiny or its background it is a Sci Fi based Rp and id be willing to assist in doing so if it still interests you. There is luckily a way to go about this since 'Kinderguardians' do exist and nobody knew anything about the game series when they first started playing it just like a Guardian when its first revived by its Ghost
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