I hate being the guy that tells someone how to behaive. On this website though, I sadly feel that this is necessary. Please just go with my rules, they're not even that strict.

[- Don't ask me for sexual stuff.]
I've stated it in my bio and I will state it again. If you're searching for some bed action, I'm definetly the wrong guy. Jacking off to text isn't my thing anyways.

[- Act at least a little bit realistic.]
Where I come from, noone can slice up two armed policemen with a katana in one big swipe and then deflect a silenced bullet coming from a hidden sniper in midair. Also if you were in a situation like this, would you really be dressed up like a casual college girl?

[- If I do something you don't like, please don't just remove me]
Is the roleplay boring you? Did I say something wrong or sensitive? Is my character not matching your well-forged plot idea? Then just elaborate please. I can always change for the good and learn from the mistakes I make. I don't know if you know, but I'm human too.

[- Ghosting is bad. Don't ghost.]
Self-explanatory. If you don't know this term, please search it up, as it's a big problem with many people on this site.

[- Accept that I can't be online all the time.]
Most of the people here are dear Americans. I'm from Europe, that means I'm around six hours ahead of your time. When I'm tired, I'm going to bed. When I'm awake, I'm not instantly checking on this site. In conclusion, I own a real life.

[- If you want my character to react to something in a special way, suggest it to me.]
Controlling the other character can be a problem sometimes since you don't know exactly how he/she/it would act, feel or think in certain situations. My solution is that you may suggest to me, how my character might react in those situations. Just put it in brackets like you'd talk out of character.

[- Don't get unmotivated just because my English might not be the best.]
I know for myself that I didn't master that language yet. And since it's this website's main language, I gotta adapt. Grammar and spelling errors might not be scarce during roleplay, please forgive me.

That's all for now I guess. If I encounter major problems, I'll eventually update this post.
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0 | Oct 9th 2019 15:59