List of Characters/Ships (Fandom)

Hey all! Seeing as more and more people are reaching out to roleplay with me, I thought I'd make a list of the characters and ships that I'm willing to play in various fandoms. The ones at the top of the list are the ones I enjoy doing most, whereas the ones on the bottom of the list are new and I may not have done them before. Please keep in mind before messaging me that I prefer to play the submissive character.

1. Septiplier- Markiplier x JackSepticEye

2. Phan- Daniel Howell x AmazingPhil

3. Destiel- Dean Winchester x Castiel

4. Wincest- Dean x Sam Winchester

4. Team Fortress 2- Heavy x Medic

5. Team Fortress 2- Heavy x Scout

6. Team Fortress 2- Spy x Scout

7. Team Fortress 2- Spy x Sniper

8. Team Fortress 2- Sniper x Scout

9. Irondad and Spideyson (Platonic)

10. Tony Stark x Steve Rogers

11. Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes

12. Thor x Loki

13. Thor x Bruce Banner

14. Natasha (Dom) x Clint (Sub)

15. MLP- Rainbow Dash x Pinkie Pie

16. Rainbow Dash x Applejack

17. Twilight x Starlight

18. Fluttershy x Discord

19. Paw Patrol- Chase x Marshall

20. Zuma x Rocky

21. The Lion King- Simba x Nala

22. Minecraft- Steve x Alex

23. Villager x Player

24. Any Mob x Player

25. Skyrim- Your Character x My Character

26. Pokemon- Human x Creature

27. Creature x Creature

28. Be More Chill- Micheal x Jeremy

29. Overwatch- Any Character x D.VA

30. Spyro: Spyro x My OC

31. 9.1.1- (Platonic) Buck and Captain Nash

32. One Day at a Time- Elena x Sid

33. Queer Eye- (Platonic) Any Fab Five Member

34. Queer Eye- Antoni x Tan

35. Breaking Bad- (Platonic) Walter White and Jessie Pinkman

36. Undertale- Sans x Papyrus

37. Undertale- Papyrus x Mettaton

38. Undertale- Sans x Toriel

39. Undertale- Alphys x Undyne

40. Undertale- Frisk/Chara x Any

41. FNAF- Freddy x Bonnie

42. FNAF- Foxy x Mangle

43. FNAF- Foxy x Chica

44. FNAF- Bonnie x Chica

45. FNAF- Bonnie x Toy Bonnie

46. FNAF- Springtrap x Bonnie/Toy Bonnie

47. FNAF- Player x Any

48. Bendy and The Ink Machine- Bendy x Alice

49. Bendy and The Ink Machine- Bendy x Borris

50. Bendy and The Ink Machine- Alice x Borris

If you have any questions, simply comment or send me a message. I probably forgot to add a few, haha.
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