My OC (Well, technically it's me, but still.)

Name: Marie
Age: 15
Birthday: 5-13-04
Personality: Kawaii, loud, boisterous, nerdy, slow to anger and happy most of the time, and a tomboy
Mental disorders?: Depression, but it rarely manifests itself
Addictions?: None, except for mint
Habits: Chewing on lip
General outfit: A large gray baggy jacket that barely fits (belongs to her boyfriend but she stole it) skinny jeans, boots and a men’s t-shirt.
Hair color: Dirty blonde
Eye color: Brown
Glasses: Yes, blue big ones
Favorite color: Baby blue
Favorite food: mint
Favorite drink: Cream soda
Loves to: Tinker with computers, do anything nerdy or anything that will heighten her intelligence, play around
Hates to: Be yelled at
Backstory: Used to be extremely depressed, but it stopped manifesting itself after her life became better. Has an extremely dark and mysterious past--hence the scars on her arms.
Quote: Glitch I’m fabulous!
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