Octosi Family

So, quite a long time ago i made a whole group of characters that were all related, Why? Cuz i wanted to do so. This is the 'Octosi' family. One of which i already had on this site for pretty much..like..always. That was Vax Octosi, One of my favorite. Now however it is time to make some more additions to the family here on this site, while not being new to me..they are new to you all. Ill list the ones ill be adding with this little bundle for now.

Aralon Octosi
Aevious Octosi
Arronax Octosi

These are three brothers that i dont really get to use all that often and ive been wanting to bring Aralon and crew to here for some time. As a small note, Arronax and Aralon are twins but Arronax keeps his hair dyed blonde while Aralon keeps his normal jet black hair style. More on these three coming soon!
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