Harry's Illness

For those of you who are aware who I am, you know very well what I suffer from but those of you who don't...

I struggle with a genetic mutation called Retroviral Hypodysplasia, also known as The Goblin disease. My father told me on his dying bed that the symptoms I was experiencing would only get worse the older I got, that I would inevitably die just like he had. After he passed he passed on Oscorp to me, and I discovered that he'd created a cure for the disease. But when I took it, I discovered it was anything but that. It made the illness running rampant through my body worse, it effected my brain worse, my personality. I used to be a good person, I loved life despite my horribly abusive father, but the moment the serum hit my brain I changed.

What I thought was supposed to save me only ruined me, it turned me into a monster, a killer. I was a good person, and now....Im anything but that. I try and try to copy the serum and tweak it what ways I can, going through trial after trial. If I'm dying, I can't die anymore can I?

Changes I've noticed: I've grown four inches, I started at 6' even. My ears have grown to a point and my K9 teeth are far sharper, much like fangs now. Nail growth has increased. I've developed patches of dry, scaly skin accompanied by green discoloration. I've lost 30 pounds in almost two months, weight loss is increasing and I cant eat enough to keep the weight on.

Symptoms: Muscle pain, muscle tightness, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, loss of appetite, joint pain, joint stiffness, loss of breath, increased heart rate, insomnia, increased anxiety, mood changes, irritability, loss of logical thinking, incoherent babbling, aggression, hallucinations (audible), nightmares, night terrors, seizures, exhaustion
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