Harry's Information

Name: Harold "Harry" Theopolis Osborn
Also known as: The Green Goblin
Age: 20
Height: 6'4
Weight: 180
Hair color/style: Deep brown, usually unkempt and unbrushed
Eye color: Pale blue
Description: A tall, lanky young man who often towers over others, a mess of deep brown hair usually unkept and unbrushed, pale blue eyes usually hidden behind a pair of dark sunglasses.
Style: Harry Osborn is a wealthy young man, most often wearing suits or dark themed clothes. He's gotten to having constant access to money, his suits are all high quality (each one costing a minimum of 15k)
Personality: To most he comes off as a dark, crude, selfish man, he's vulgar and he wont hesitate to tell someone the honest truth of how he feels but when it comes to those he's close to he's more likely to open up.
Hobbies: Beyond studying advanced engineering and technology, Harry spends alot of his time drawing, writing music, and playing guitar. He also loves movies, the horror genre being his favorite.
Likes: Fast cars, wild girls, whiskey, silk sheets, soft skin, rock and roll, leather seats, summer beaches, long vacations
Drugs: As much as possible
Drinking: As often as much as possible
Smoking: Yes

Father: Norman Osborn (Deceased)
Mother: Emily Osborn (Deceased)
After his mother had passed Harry blocked out the rest of his family,closing himself off from the rest of his family.

Up until the age of ten everything for Harry seemed to be perfect, he had a normal life, his parents were happy, the wealthy family was the idea of perfection. After that, his father started getting sick. His father quickly jumped on starting on a cure, wishing to rid his body of the disease. The man, the founder and ceo of Oscorp industesties, started human trials sooner then he'd expected. He started it out on homeless and moved to drug addicts, his wife finally offering to go through the trials. In the end his mother only contracted the illness and with six months, Harry found himself attending her funeral.

After that, things went downhill. His father switched him into a private military school, ripping him away from his friends. Harry said goodbye to Peter Parker and MaryJane Watson, the two friends he'd had since the beginning of elementary. His father shipped him off and Harry learned from there to become a man, the young boy coming home for the holidays. Harry grew to hate Thanksgiving and Christmas, he always returned to school with new scars and broken bones that healed on their own. Norman Osborn often took a belt to his own son, beating him and blaming him for something that really was his own fault all along.

At 18 Harry was released from the school, the young man returning home hesitently. The knowledge of his father's illness was brought into light, Norman was lying on his deathbed. In the last of his days Harry spent out of the house, catching up with the only two people who'd ever cared about him. He and MaryJane began to date, he'd always been furiously in love with her but he'd never admitted it until now. Norman passed away and Harry inherited billions of dollars and the entire Oscorp company, but he was also becoming to realize he'd also inherited his father's disease. Instead of joining the marines like Harry intended he turned to running the company, discovering the 'cure' within the building. This was the latest version, and it hadn't yet gone into human trials.

The serum instead of healing him made everything so much worse, his body only partially accepted it. It affected him in ways he'd never like to admit, the young man's mental health was ruined because of it. Harry turned to drugs and crime, finding the suit his father had designed. When Harry had realized that MaryJane had been sleeping with Peter behind his back the entire time, he broke it off. The one girl he'd ever loved broke his heart, he was utterly alone, Harry embraced the Green Goblin. He had no reason not too, what did he left to live for?
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