Chapter 1.

" You have very pretty hair... "

Serena's earliest memories, consist of numerous things, as any child's does. It was around the age of 8, though, where everything molded into a blur. Her brothers, who had always been kind to her, left the house. Doing their own lives. Their own things.

" It suits you. This hairstyle suits you "

...their own things. She was left alone with her parents. They were nice. Normal. The ideal couple even. They showed her so much love, and gave her so much love, that most of her childhood was filled with happy memories. The cliché pops up though...

" Eat Less, I like it when you're frail "

...coming home from school, she was immediately caught up in something. It captivated her so much, and that was her downfall. She came inside the house late. An hour late, to be exact. Everything was gone. Wiped down clean. The walls were white, and the house smelled of fresh paint. Everything that signified that her family lived there, was gone. An empty shell. A base.

" all you do is cry all the time "

It was a sad thing. A small girl was crying in a house she once called home, no parents to take care of her, no one. She stayed in the house for 3 days, not eating. Drinking tap water, and using the bathroom only. At school, teachers tried calling her parents, but no one answered or popped up. As if the number never existed. Emails, texts, everything. Being the prestigious school they were, a social worker was sent over.

" I'll give you something to cry about "

..the social worker was welcomed to the sight of Serena, sitting in the middle of her home. Sleeping, her head was resting on the wall, and her hair was matted with paint that was dry and had gotten in it. She had the same clothes on from 3 days ago. They thought she was dead.

She was not.

Soon enough, they contacted her brothers. And they brought her to them. They were happy. Crying- to see her even. Though she was different. Her hair had to be cut all off, and styled in a pixie cut. Her skin was dull, and lacked luster from malnutrition, and her eyes were shifty. Only opening her mouth to answer questions, and eat food.

" Serena, what are you doing? "

From then, she was raised in an awkward situation. Her brothers looked happy, yet confused. They almost sneered when the subject of how her parents died, came up though. Then, Any question of her parents was banned. And she lived like that without question. Until the age of 13.

To be continued.
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