Guardian of Fate

Melody Moon was born in the middle of a hot summer, to Roseline James Moon and Jo "Alphonse" DaĆ­monas. Jo said that Melody should take her mother's name since it was already a respected and feared name in Hell where as his was only feared not respected. Melody was born without her powers as such her Grandmother, on her father's side, took advantage of her lack of powers and made her into a Vessel for the Clan Leader's powers since her father was disowned for marrying a charge of the Guardians. (rivalries between Guardians and demons were still going on at this time.) Only Melody's husband could claim the power whether or not he would be the Clan leader was a different story.

This made Melody a target for a good portion of her life, even when her family moved she still had to be careful. When her mother became a Guardian and brought Alice into their home it made Melody less lonely.

Not long after she turned sixteen did her powers show up. Alice, who had her powers since birth much to Melody's jealousy, was so happy for her she decided to take Melody out to celebrate. When they got home they found their home a mess and no sign of their parents or adopted aunts and uncle. Melody blamed her powers and Alice blamed herself for convincing Melody to leave. The girls decided to look for Rose and their family, council denied this request but Melody said "Council be damned Myles. I'm half demon and they can't boss me around, I would like to see them try."

Not wanting to leave her adopted little sister alone Alice went with Melody to find their family. Myles used her power to freeze their time/aging, (At least Melody's because it appeared that Alice was all but immune to Guardian magic and the time freeze wore off on her pretty quickly). The two adopted sisters traveled following even the most ridiculous of clues and rumors. It took fifteen years but they found their family.

Rose in her phoenix form was chained to the ceiling barely conscious. Her form's golden skin bruised and glowing as it healed itself from the beatings and tortures. Jo was in his demon form unmoving and barely breathing. Cadwyn's white wolf fur was stained red with his blood. The fire demon Rose called Sorsha and the snake alchemist known as Salinda were both in their human forms no apparent wounds on them.

Alice and Melody came up with an elaborate plan, involving lots of olde magic and some new magic. Blowing up the throne room and tower of Kornhe, blood god of chaos, but at a price. Melody's price was that her time was reversed, until she was but a child again but the magic she finally found was not taken from her, she was able to keep her magic. Her adopted sister Alice's price was heavier, more sad, she lost her first born, her daughter. Rose was not Alice's true mother, Alice did not have the blood of the chaos agents in her veins at the time, the fight against chaos is costing to those not part of it.

It was many years later either by Alice's side or Rose's Melody experienced her childhood again only filled with magic. At one of the many parties Alice threw for Melody to get her more social since she didn't have much of one with the giant target on her back. There she met Elijah Mikaelson and not long after married him, he already had a daughter which she accepted and loved as her own even after her twin daughters were born.

She became Guardian of Fate a month before her wedding after going through a trial in the Kingdom of Amular, where she helped Lashrael master Fate as she did and helped him be reborn, even if Tirnoch took the credit for her work. She helped him seal away Tirnoch and became keeper and guardian of that realm as well as the Guardian of Fate.

Melody enjoys her life with her family and is willing to sacrifice anything of her personal choices to spend time with her family. That meant a lot of paperwork and time in the office and though she complained seeing her family was worth it. She even stopped being a fashion designer and became a detective with the local police, there was more paperwork but she was given plenty of time with her family.
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