Honorable Dark Assasin

Diplomat, spy, or saboteur, few things are certain about the secretive Dokkalfar agent named Alyn Shir. Most know her as a charming and scandalous ambassador. The Alfar armies know her as a cunning and unpredictable ally. A rare few know her as a fearsome and merciless assassin—but never for long.

When asked, Alyn Shir is willing to spin any number of tales about her past. Sometimes, she is the least daughter of a minor noble, inheriting only a pair of ancient daggers and a disdain for those who think that power will protect them. In others, she was born a street urchin and survived through stealth and cunning. The only certainty is that as the war rages on, this singular woman has found more and more need for her knives, and no one can be certain where her true loyalty lies.

The truth is actually more simple than that. She is one of the few in Amalur that was able to erase all traces of her past, both good and bad, but she is also chained to the Order with no sign of the keys to her freedom. When she met the one who would become the fateless one, Lashrael Gwydion, she thought him arrogant, selfcentered and a man stuck in his sister's shadow determined to prove he was better. She was surprised more than most that upon his death, she cried for his loss.

When she saw Lashrael again it took all of her control not to fall in his arms in relief, but that was not what was expected of her. It hurt her more when he had no memory of his life, especially of her. She kept her distance following him helping him when she could with her connections and her own skills but the moment he called her a coward and a liar she lost it. She told him everything, how he was before he died and how it was his own fault that he died. She told him that they were barely friends, though she hinted that they may have been lovers.

She said good by to Lashrael before his final battle when he and Melody walked down the tunnel that led to King Gadflow and Tirnoch. She will deny that she once again cried thinking that she lost her lover as well as her only friend again. She leaves a note of warning in their secret place stating that the order will not only kill him, but her as well if it is proven that rumors of Tirnoch were coming from him since he knows the truth.

Her final note and farewell to Lashrael stated thus.

From the beginning, we were wrong. And only now, well into the second decade of the conflict, have we begun to understand the mistakes we have made.
We lived in harmony among the Fae, in a world awakened to new magic. Perhaps we should have foreseen what might be born on this rising tide. What force might awaken. A force powerful enough to twist even the eternal and immutable Fae folk.
But Gadflow, the new king of the Winter Court, surprised us all. Singular among his people, he was all other Fae were not: aggressive, ambitious, visionary. He had powers like none we had ever seen- terrible and deadly.
Gadflow and his followers, the Tuatha Deohn, believed that a new god was born in the East, beneath Galdflow’s crystalline fortress of Amethyn. In the name of that god, they marched to war against the young races of Amalur. Against a mortal army, no matter the power of their god, we might have been victorious. But the Fae are creatures of magic, not bound by the laws of life and death. Each Tuatha fallen on the battlefield would soon rise again, for the Fae do not know death as we do. How could we stand against such a force? For ten years, the war raged. For ten years, the armies of men and Alfar fought and died. But as our numbers dwindled, we new that it was only a matter of time. Our fate had been written. At least, that is what we believed.
Until you died...
How could we have known that this would be the beginning? I wonder now if we should have foreseen this outcome. But who knew what Fate would bring? I would have liked to have delivered this message in person, to see you one final time. That, however, would have been.. complicated. The order to which I belong had other plans, were you ever to leave the crystalline fortress. When it comes to you, though, it seems no fate is written in stone. It was only through my assurances that your silence could be counted upon, that either of us still draws breath. I trust you will not make of me a liar.
Were stories of what we have seen begin to surface in the inns and taverns of Amalur, I would be asked to seek you out. And, as we both know, the next time you die, there will be no return. But let us not speak of this. Your life is your own. Go now, and see what Fate may bring you.. or what Fate you may bring. Perhaps, one day, in happier times, you and I will meet again. Until that day, I remain,

Yours, Alyn Shir

She hinted in this that if she would ever be free, she would come to him in peace and stay with him as long as he wanted. She could see no better Fate, however her life was not her own and she didn't know when or if she would ever be free.
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