Original Character

- Characteristics

Full name : Willow Anne Sanders

Alias : Gaia / Mud girl

Date of birth : Jan, 11

Age : 22

Gender : Female

Body type : Mesomorph

Height : 5’3

Weight: 120 lb

Eyes: Dark brown

Hair : Dark brown kinky curls

Skin : Warm tan w/ golden undertones

- About

Willow had a nice life. The usual. Lived with parents, and her younger sibling. Went to school like any other regular kid. Until her 18th birthday. While her and her family were on a little road trip, the car had lost control due to the icy roads. They crashed, and both her parents ended up passing away in the accident. After that, since Willow had turned 18, she took legal custody of her younger brother.

A few years passed and she was now 22.

Both her and her brother were at their backyard. He had blamed her for their parent’s death. She knew neither of them had anything to do with it. Out of anger and hurt, Willow began yelling at her brother. All those emotions she had piled up over the years began flowing out, causing the dirt under their feet to turn to mud, swallowing her brother in. Willow had reached her hand out to save her brother’s life, but it was too late. The mud had vanished and returned back to normal, no traces of her brother were found.

She has the ability to turn any of earth’s wonders into a black hole of mud at will by simply touching. Everything except humans and animals.
Willow had only discovered about her powers a few months ago, she still had a lot to learn about it and how to control her emotions so she wouldn’t cause another accidental disaster.

( Though I can also rp her as just a regular person. )
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