I know rules are boring but I’m just going over problems that have occurred in the past.

•Let me know if you’re in character or ooc, I get confused and I usually talk ooc when I meet people. I use all the different ooc things like (( // ||

•Don't send a bunch of messages if I don't reply in ten minutes. I have a life. If it's been more than 24 hours you may send ONE message then wait another 24 hours. If I still don't respond I'm probably depressed, busy af or dead.

•Please discuss plot with me before we start.

• Don’t send a bunch of overly short replies, a few one liners are fine but come on, two words??

•Don’t change the plot too drastically too fast. Like one minute we are walking home from school and suddenly it’s the apocalypse.

•Don’t make your character full of problems right from the start. I mean, all characters have problems, but don’t make me comfort your character right away by crying about the death of your parents that died just that morning.

•Don’t make your character invincible

•No meta gaming (If you know something your character doesn’t, then pretend you don’t know it)

•Most people don't like auto hitting but it doesn't bother me if you do it to my character. I won't do it to you though.

•Don’t rush smut. I do get bored without it honestly, so if you’re not okay with it, I don’t recommend roleplaying with me.

• Please understand my character is more on the submissive side but can be on top. He just won’t make the first move, and he usually won’t do something unless he’s told. Also, my character is very awkward, so if you want a partner who’s dominant and knows what he’s doing, don’t bother me and beg my character to be dom, it’s pointless.

•Don’t control my character.

•Please do not discuss politics, this is not the kind of site for that and I will remove you.

If you’ve read these and agree to them message me “Potato chips are life”

Also, check out my characters bio please :)

Also, also, if you can’t follow the rules and I have asked you multiple times or discussed them with you before then I will block you. Sorry
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Cheetos *Chucks blocks at them motherfuckers*