Name: Avery Jay Jepson

Nicknames: AJ, Jay, A

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual with a strong male lean.

Age: 19

Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’7”
Style: He likes to wear t-shirts or hoodies depending on the temperature, and he tends to wear ripped and or skinny jeans.

Personality: He behaves rudely and is rather obnoxious at first, but only because he has a fear of getting close to anyone.
But when he trusts someone he opens up more and shows his true personality, silly and childish but also a bit emotionally unstable. Also, he’s a very sexual person, so, I don’t like doing roleplays without sex, I get bored, because I’m a horny bitch.

Background: His father walked out on the family when he was about 6, and his mom, who is not quite mentally stable, took out her anger on their child, since he reminded her of his dad.

Sub/Dom: Sub, very sub. Check out the bdsm test results for more info

Smokes: Occasionally, when he gets his hands on cigarettes.
Drinks: Occasionally (in some roleplays he will become alcoholic if pushed to that)
Drugs: Sometimes weed if he gets his hands on it.
Virgin: I usually start him as a virgin in most roleplays

Disorders: He suffers from anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Due to his past he has PTSD. He should be on medication but isn't because he doesn't go to the doctor and it's hard to make him go.

Father: Hal Jepson (location unknown)
Mother: Christine Jepson
Grandma: Lucy Thomas
And a few aunts and cousins on both sides.

Likes: Food
Feeling wanted
His hair/face messed with (but it’s a turn on, so... be careful XD)
Action movies
Proving people wrong

Dislikes: Being seen undressed
Hospitals and doctors
Being proved wrong
His parents
Horror movies

Chewing/rubbing his lower lip when nervous, sometimes until it bleeds or just gets sore.
Getting into fights with anyone, even people bigger than himself.

Current living situation: He finally moved out of his mom’s house recently and is on his own in a cheap apartment. He works second shift at a local Walmart stocking shelves six days a week to survive.
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Cheetos Oh no! Not Fred!

I named my inner demon Fred by the way, just now.
TaylorMomsen Come out and play Fred, we need you.
Cheetos We don’t need Fred. He’s evil
TaylorMomsen I wanna meet him and give him tons of cheetos
Cheetos I feed him plenty of Cheetos