Ian the admin

Name: ''Oh Boy,Oh Boy,Oh boy! you already know me. It's ya boy,Ian!''

Nicknames: ''Admin,Narrator,creator,@Xiderian,Yaboy'e,god,The coolest and bravest god and king of handsomeness and imagination!, Imaginator,Iantuli,Ian,Iantulito,ianturrey,iantu,Yani,Ians

Gender: ''I think i'm male...Yeah i'm male...''

Age: ''Teh....let's say 16.''

Nationality: ''Hispanic.''

Height: ''I'm not small,i'm average sized or atleast i-i think i am....anyways i am 5'5.'

Weight: "i am like a puppy,very easy to carry..."

Habbits: " i cant stop moving! I moan in a feminine voice when someone touches my nipples or bends my fingers...i shouldnt be sharing this. I gasp when i get tickled UwU and i act very tsundere and submissive sometimes..shutupimnotcute. >///<

Race: ''Ha-ha-ha...I-i'm totally a human...i-it's not like i try to hide some secret like i'm secretly a neko that drinks a potion every day so his ears and tail dissapear from 24 hours making me look like a normal human..Ha-ha-ha''

Sexual orientation: ''....I dunno,really. I think i'm bisexual."

Personality: ''A annoying and energetic kid who would never give up on his dreams,He loves to cheer people up and annoy his friends. Very anxious,restless,nervous,hyper active,impatient and i have the ability to never get depressed! although if i was then i would never allow my friends to see me sad that's why i am most of the time...happy!''

Dislikes: Talking about er*t*c stuff,being Lazy,Being called daddy,people,Bullies,Masochists,Cheese,Chickens,being alone, hot places.

Likes: Vegetables,The color green,dogs,Happiness,nature,Dark places, cold places, being with...Adi...¬//¬...

Sub/Dom: "What?! Wh-why would you wanna kn-know that..?" >///o

Eye colour: Blueish green
Hair colour: Blonde
Skin colour: Pale
Clothing: Mostly wearing a lime green jacket with a black shirt that in the center has a well drawn orange heart. Blue pants with red and white shoes and purple socks. Sometimes Ian wears red,grey and black gloves with some gold sunglasses.

Favourite colour: Green
Favourite ingredient: Mustard
Favourite food: Fries and tomatoes
Favourite song: ``his world`` By Zebrahead
Favourite videogame: Mortal kombat X
Favourite movie: The predator
Favourite anime: Saint Seiya
Favourite plush: ''Teddy bears! I LOVE TEDDY BEARS!''
Favourite band: System of a down

Voice reference: Imagine a teenager's voice but the difference is that you can't tell if the voice is from a boy or a girl
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2 | Aug 24th 2019 19:44
Adiwho Aw you like being with me? ^3^
FriggenNugget You are a cool person to be with! ^//^
Adiwho Lies
FriggenNugget The only lie here is your username.
Adiwho :0