Cian and Zephyr

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Cian Godfrey had many activities to indulge himself in; cigerrates, sex, alcohol, more cigerrates. It wasn't even for show. Not anymore, anyways. His 'activities' were more like addictions now, and there was one more to add; a much more darker, twisted craving that he could not resist, even when he wanted to: the desire to kill and maim. His temper didn't help either. He liked to believe it wasn't his fault, though. People were just so /annoying/, as if they were begging to be murdered by him.

Simply like this little mongrel, who came and picked a fight with him outside this club he regularly went to. It had started small, of course. The man bumped into him then tried to make him apologize by picking a fight. It was hilarious because in his opinion he was /owed/ an apology himself; so he made himself very clear in the only way he knew. 

"Tch" He clicked his tongue, watching the man whimper on the floor with a smirk on his lips. He was in a rather bad shape. He bent over him. His victim struggled to move away, which was rather difficult when both your legs were broken. A chuckle escaped his lips as he tilted his head, "Now, I believe you owe me an apology" His eyes glitered yellow.

The man chocked, coughing a spurt of blood as a tear rolled down his face. His sadistic smile dropped, resolving to an annoyed expression and he straightened up. "I guess, you're good for nothing anyways"

"P-ple..." The man barely managed to say.

He found himself trying to hold back. That small peek of mercy, trying to fight its way through. In the end, however, the darkness was too strong and he could not fight it; he did not want to. He raised his foot, setting it on his throat, ready to crush it, letting his desperate grasps for life be a derivative rather than hesitance.
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LAMO Cian gritted his teeth, keeping his glare fixated on the other male. He seemed so determined to change his mind, to somehow convince him to walk away from this, to /fight this darkness/ for the first time in his life. He refused, though. He knew what it would lead to. The outcome of not wanting it was way more hurtful than giving into it and Cian preferred the later.

"Look at you" he snarked, "The true noble wolf. It's not like you haven't done terrible things. We're all monsters here" he laughed, darkly. He almost appeared mad.

"And tell you what, this tweak couldn't even begin to rub my anything the wrong way. He's going to die because he's annoying as fuck. Time or not, I'll be doing this world a favor" his eyes began to glow again, "You won't be leaving for a long time then, it seems"
Liberalis Every word spat at him had no effect. Zephyr was a brick wall. Accustomed to these sorts of things. He waited a while, letting the man speak, his hues shifting over the hardened, angry features that stared back as if ready to kill HIM. Zephyr folded his arms over his chest, prepared to just stand. Wait this out.

"I never once gave you any false movement of my own doings. I've killed. I've done things I do not appreciate. But that does not mean I go about my days, doing such stunts. You and I have very different backgrounds. Very different lifestyles. I want you to look me in the eyes, and tell me what you really want. Is that to be a killer?"

Zephyr was going to challenge without physical force. If the other wanted to move, zephyr would prevent anything harmful happening here. If he chose to leave, at least innocent lives would be spared. "Time is all I have."
LAMO He had a point, Cian noted with irritation. This man simply wanted him to change his course of actions, and leave an innocent to die by himself because let's be real his victim was as good as dead, anyways. Even if he survived now, he was far too damaged to move on.

The way he asked his last question had Cian cowering away. He had never had an open chance to admit to what /he/ wanted. He was born to live a certain way, forced to be a specific person. He never had the blessing of choice and now this stranger (appearing to suddenly give a shit about him) was asking all the wrong kind of questions. And it seemed, he wasn't going anywhere until he put his point across.

Logical part of Cian's brain knew if he picked this fight, he could not win. It was natural animal instinct. Wolves could sense the superiority of the other creature. Anyhow, Cian did not wish to die tonight and he did not think this mongrel was worth all this effort.

"What does it matter" he looked away, his stance changing, "Do whatever you want with this bug. I don't care" he turned his back to him, ready to leave.
Liberalis Zephyr felt it. The air changed as he felt the tension leave, the stand up against him shifting away as the submission seemed to finally take place. Zephyr offered a quiet breath of relief. He didnt like fighting his own kind. But he would assert any means necessary. And now, he knew he was on the right path. Zephyr glanced behind him towards the man whom had been attacked. He had no desire to do anything to him.

The beta hummed briefly in thought, noting how he was not answered. Maybe he had struck a chord. That was always a first step in the right direction. But Zephyr knew a pricked conscious could be hardened again. And he believed that this meeting would never happen again.

"I had no interest in Hades play things. Only upon your actions." He stated simply.
LAMO Cian offered him a side-glance over his shoulder. This man was beyond him. He had stopped him from murdering someone (against his better nature), and said he had no interest in saving the said victim. He had percieved him as the good hearted type, but apparently he was something wholly different. It disturbed him. He didn't like people who left an impression, he did not understand.

"Whatever" He snarked, walking away without looking back. He rushed back to the parking lot and to his black convertible, sitting there for the longest time and registering how he had managed to fight his monster and retreat. How had he? He had met that male for the first time ever and he had this great of a power over him? His eyes raised to the rear view mirror, noticing the blood on his face. He sighed, leaning his head against the seat. He started his car and drove away, not knowing in particular where he would go.

For the next few days, Cian had successfully pushed the incident to the back of his head and it had seemed as if it never happened. He had ignored his little sister's questioning looks at his earlier than usual return with him covered in blood. It's not like she had guts to ask him where he was coming from.

He had decided to forget it, because he knew how it would go, if he dwelled on it. He'd want to fight his demons and it will work for a little while then something will make him snap and all that hardwork would go to waste. It will only make things worse. He was better off like this. The loathesome rich dick. He would live his life like this until eventually have all his mistakes chase him to his grave. That's what being a Godfrey meant.

Like any other night, he found himself at a bonfire party, where there was more booze than any actual horror stories. He had disappeared into the woods with a boy, who appeared younger than he had told him he was. He could careless, though. Somewhere between making out, his boyfriend had showed up and started sputtering insults in both their faces. Most of the times, he didn't bother with couple feuds and disappeared, even if there was hitting (like there was apparently. It was certainly obvious why cheating had taken place) But the man had dared call him out and even threw the first punch.

He had snapped, grabbed his throat and pressed him against the tree. "Looks like someone has a death wish. Good thing I'm in the mood to kindly oblige" He smirked, tightening his grip. The boy on the ground was just helplessly staring at the scene wide eyed.