❥ Rules

. . . . . .

I don’t really place any limits in roleplays, but you still need to understand and respect my rules before contacting me. If you have any questions, I’m here! (≧◡≦) ♡

❥ Follow ALL of the RolePlay.me rules. No troubles!

❥ Spellcheck- English isn’t my first language so I always make sure that my sentences make sense.
At least use basic grammar. Please ;;

❥ Communicate with me about what you like and don’t like. If there’s something bothering you or you want to stop, tell me; I’ll never get mad. I want us to enjoy this as much as possible!
I’m open to (almost) everything ✧˖°

❥ Respect me and I’ll respect you. Don’t spam me relentlessly-
My schedule is always all over the place and sometimes I just get gloomy / sick ;;

❥ Don’t ask for personal information. I’ll NEVER ask for pictures of you, a name or anything-
All you need to know is that I’m an adult.
So please don’t bug me for my Facebook- I’m here anonymously (・_・;)

❥ That’s all! Honestly, just be nice and everything will be gucci ~
Thank you for understanding ♡

. . . . . .
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