Lincoln Claymen (Zombie Apoc OC)

Name: Lincoln Ambrose Claymen

Age: Mid 30s

Gender: Male

Appearance: In photo however does grow a beard and hair grows shaggier during later periods in the apocalypse

Weapons: Hand made bow, hunting knife, and a glok (prefers use of bow as he see's it as far more effective and quiet) and also a crowbar

Personality: Reclusive, moved to the small town of Oaks and Iron to escape the busy body life of the big cities, he is also not very friendly or social. He prefers the company of a beer and a book to other human beings

Bio: Lincoln Claymen is a man with a lot of mystery about him, all the locals know is he just got through a very nasty divorce and he prefers to stick to himself and only himself. Unemployed and reclusive, the man didn't seem to mind too much when everything went to sh* fact it seemed to give him relief as he now he could just be he a psychopath? perhaps but who cares. He just knows one thing, its kill or be killed out there now and the dead are walking once again...

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