My Rules!

1: Time

I am online as often as I can be, which is usually a reasonable amount of activity. I tend to send replies at least once a day, if not more. I don't mind if you're offline for long stretches of time, but I would appreciate a reply at least once a week. If that is too difficult for you, please don't stress over replies.

2: Length

The length of my writing often correlates to my interest in the roleplay. If I'm not responding often, or my messages are a paragraph or less, I'm probably not too interested or invested. On another note, if you get 3+ paragraphs from me, I'm probably loving it! I ask that you write at least one legible paragraph. Poor grammar does tend to make me less invested in our roleplay.


I am alright with those scenes, but I'm certainly not a natural. I would prefer such themes be discussed prior to the roleplay, if possible. I will also respect you and your boundaries.

4: Dark themes

I'm alright with most dark themes, excluding rape/sexual assault unless discussed (for obvious reasons.)
I'm low-key a fan of hurt/comfort (whump) and if anyone is familiar with the whump community on Tumblr, tell me.

5: Please be respectful!!!

I am looking forward to getting to know you all, but I would prefer nobody came at me with disrespectful comments. We can talk any conflicts out like mature adults. On that note, I would prefer roleplaying with people older than 18.

Ask if you're unsure about anything, please!
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