My Roleplay Information!!!

I have been into roleplaying for quite some time now, and would absolutely adore getting back into it! Without further ado, a long dump of all the information pertaining to my roleplaying!


Crime/mafia/mystery: I love a good detective movie, as well as buddy cop stories, when done correctly. I can appreciate any good story with elements such as, but not limited to;

•Death, whether it be homicide, suicide, or simply natural. This is across the board, not just for this genre.
•Gangs. I always can get behind something with rival gangs, giving it's well written.
•The Mafia. A bit more research may be necessary, but when done well, Mafia stories can be splendid.
•The Police. Oh, the tension between co-workers, the drama having to do with stress, and the classic buddy-cop trope.
•Detectives. Whether it be more secret-society or simply police detectives, it's always absolutely fantastic.
•Oh, a good mystery. Who killed the banker, I wonder?
We can combine a chunk of these tropes, I find myself rather good at constructing original plots.

Supernatural/paranormal/fantasy: These stories are remarkable, if long-term and in-depth.

•Religious tropes. Angel X Demon may be cliche, but have you seen Good Omens??? Plus, reapers are the bomb (looking at you Kurosh*tsuji.) And the four horseman, along with the seven deadly sins??? Amazing.
•Ghosts? Absolutely. I love me a good friendly specter. Ghostbusters-type-roleplay, I would kill for that.
•Vampires. Ok, look, it may be overused, but the aesthetic of blood smeared on pale skin is unbeatable.
•The fae??? You betcha. The trickery, the betrayal. Oh, sure, it may require some research, but it's SO worth it.
•Shapeshifters? Yes please.
•Witches. Necromancers. Healers. Apothecary shops. Fortune tellers. Psycics. I could go on and on.
•Creepy forests Those! Are! The! Best!!!

Horror: I'm not to well versed in this but here we go;
•I love mystery.
•Strings of murder/kidnapping can be used SO many ways!
•Creepy. Noises. That's all I have to say.
•Protagonists who aren't total idiots!!!

Romance/drama/slice of life (subplots:)
•Forbidden romance??? Gimme.
•I can do any pairings, but MXM is adorable!
•Fluff is fantastic! Angst is amazing! Give me those fanfiction tropes. Fake dating??? Love it. Mutual pining??? Beautiful.
•Slow. Burn. Nothing else to say here.
•Healthy relationships. Communication is key!!! Mutual respect!!! Comfortable boundries!!!

That's it, for now, but feel free to ask for more information!!!
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