About Me!!!

Hello! I'm coming onto this website in August of 2019, and I'm looking forward to meeting new people! You guys can call me Angel!

I absolutely adore the color yellow, cats, botany, flowers, aesthetics, poetry, sushi, a warm cup of tea, a fluffy jumper, long hugs, chocolates, and all my friends!

I'm delighted to join this community! I am a friendly person (most of the time) and would love to develop long term-roleplays with some of the many talented people on this website!

I'm in college, and in my 20's. I'm studying English, if any of you are wondering! My dream is to publish a childrens book, but we'll see how that goes!!

Thank you for reading this, and have an absolutely wonderful evening!
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5 | Aug 14th 2019 00:08