After three days from when they were told about the games, the priests summon the champions to teleport them to the location where they'll be staying till the end of the event.
When they are all there, QiWi teleports them in the location indeed, which is in the snow. They appear in front of a dreamy chalet, surrounded by mountains and with nothing else around, totally isolated but absolutely beautiful and huge. images.app.goo.gl/BHuZGR59Zet19Ya57

The champions are a lot luckier than Song and Aqua about the location, since the chalet is total luxury. They even get one bedroom each, with their private bathroom, and lots of beautiful shared rooms, with a breathtaking sight on the mountains.

Before letting them go to choose their rooms, QiWi decides to exchange some words with the champions from Xhuanghen. "Remember that you can't trust the opponents, although you'll be living side by side with them. They might try to hurt or damage you in some way, in order to impair your performance at challenges. Don't accept anything from anyone, be always suspicious and watch on each others' back. Don't say I didn't warn you."
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Dess He looks at Mun, °What do you mean with scary? They are a wonderful couple, I would like a friend like that.° he looks at Kori with a serious look, °You are not forced to be my friend if you don't want to.° He looks at QinShi, °Why not? I have a lot of friends but true friends are hard to find.
Wow, an interesting experience, I have to admit it. How did you feel?° he tilts his head.
Peace_Love "I didn't master my powers, I was clueless and I ended up spreading around pheromones that made every male attracted. It was embarassing..." She shuts her eyes and sighs.
"My abeoji is the most feared man in Xhuanghen, like yours in Heinmenhos. That should be enough as explaination."
QinShi Sao should consider to take Edward as male consort then, so that they'd both be Dess's dads. <3
"I don't have many friends instead. I'm not even entirely sure that some people who were nice to me are actually my friends..." He is complicated, one had to say 'we are friends' to make him understand they are. XD
He blinks. "I felt... dreadful." Weird.
Now that she explains that, he wonders if the reason why Song likes her is for that. "You can make people fall in love? Just with you or also other people with each others?"
Dess He looks at Mun, °I would be honoured at your place, you should be mad.° he laughs a little.
He would love it so much <333333
°The nicest people are the worst, they are more false than bad people because a bad person rarely hides something.
For example I like King Jeremi because of his attitude, I would like to became a guard in the palace to learn from him.° If he wasn't a Elite Guard.
He looks at Mun, °Embarassing? I would be happy! You can control people in someway.°
Peace_Love "Not even I have many. Real friends are very few.
My powers can be more scary than that." She doesn't say it to brag or to make them afraid, she herself is scared of them. "I could make people do whatever comes to my mind...that would include falling in love, passion, with me or someone else.
I should be mad? I think I am, in a way. For being so insanely good and kind, I must be mad.
Do you want to try how awesome they are?" She frowns at Dess.