My Rules ❤

Welcome to my rules~
I really hope I'm not too strict on a few things.

1.) Please be patient with me.
~ I'm a busy person and may be away for up to a week.

2.) No One-Liners please.
~ I'm okay with short replies as long as you put SOME effort into it.

3.) Let's discuss plots.
~ Don't come to me in character, I don't just start RPing out of the blue.

4.) Proper Grammar.
~ I understand if English isn't your native language. I don't like text talk, but I'll accept emojis and such.

5.) Roleplaying.
~ If you aren't having a good time roleplaying or talking to me, just say so... Please, I'd like to know if I'm not good enough...

6.) Be respectful.
~ We're all humans, so let's treat each other right.
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2 | Aug 13th 2019 17:04