Carter West

This character is from books Night School by C. J. Daugherty, and here is a little something about him. I will add my personal touch to him and difference between this character and other two is that Carter is human so if you’re not fan of supernatural, this might be for you.

Carter Jonathan West is a student of the Cimmeria Academy and he is a member of the Night School. Unlike most students on Cimmeria who are all coming from rich families, he comes from 'normal' family. He has a special connection to the teachers, especially to Isabelle, the principal of Cimmeria who treats him like a son.


At first, Carter seems very grumpy and prickly, sometimes even rude. But as it turns out, he is actually very humorous and polite. He has a reputation of playboy and heart breaker, and seems to be into one-night stands. However, not everything is how it seems and Carter is not really like that, as he is only searching for the right person and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He can’t stand snobby and arrogant kids at his school and he tends to keep himself aside, rather being alone than among the self-centered people. He has a few good friends despite everything.


Carter has slightly curly dark brown hair that sometimes falls to his eyes. He has dark eyes (due to my face claim, this will be changed to light eye color), he is tall and very well trained.

Early life

Carter's parents lived in a small house on the school grounds of Cimmeria. His father worked in a car factory, but which closed before Carter's birth, and he was thus unemployed. After that he did not find another job. In the newspaper, he then came across a display of the Cimmeria Academy, where he was hired as a caretaker from now on. Carter's mother worked in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning, and in his view, it was the perfect situation for his parents. When his mother became pregnant, they were very happy. They did not have children yet and probably did not think they could get any. He was somehow raised by everyone, according to Carter. The teachers and staff took turns babysitting on him. Since there were no other small children, he was 'the' attraction at Cimmeria. One day, his father had to pick up parts from a supplier, which was nothing special. Since it was a nice summer day, his mother thought it would be a good idea to go with him and spend a day at the beach. She had prepared a big picnic for the three of them. When they were on the highway, a truck lost control, apparently the driver had fallen asleep. The truck broke through the guardrail and collided with them. Carter's parents died on the spot, but he had only a few scratches and bruises. Since Carter's parents had no close relatives, he was picked up by a good co-worker of the two - Bob Ellison - and lived with him in his parents' former home until he was old enough to move to Cimmeria's dormant. Later he became a member of the Night School.

Carter does not leave Cimmeria even during the holidays, and he can’t imagine living anywhere else but at Cimmeria. He doesn’t like towns really much, loving to work in garden on the land that belongs to school and he likes to get his “hands dirty” unlike many other students. Carter often helps Ellison who raised him at his work in the gardens of Cimmeria. In addition, Carter is very good friends with Lucas and Jules.
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