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✯ [ BASIC ] ✯
Name: Taeko Yasuhiro.

Aliases: Celestia Ludenberg.

Nicknames: Celeste, Celes.

Gender: Female.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Birthday: November 23rd.

Zodiac: Sagittarius.

Age: 16-20. (I play her any age, but 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20, is canon)

Nationality: Japanese.

Ethnicity: German (fake), French (fake), Japanese (true).

Race: White (fake), Asian (true).

Species: Human.

Religion: Buddhist.

Skin Tone: Pale.

Scars: None.

Birthmarks: None.

Eye Color: Red.

Hair Color: Black.

Hair Length: Neck. (She wears clip-on twintails)

Hairstyle: Clip on twintails.

Accessories: Golden Earrings, White-Lace Bonnet, Metal Ring, White Ribbon.

Clothing Style: Gothic Lolita.

Celestia wears a white lace-bonnet with white ribbons and has black hair in two large twin-drill pigtails. However, these are clip-ons, as she is seen without them. She has pale skin, red eyes, and gold circular earrings which have an image depicting the cross engraved into them with a red gem placed in the center in each. She also has long, black nails.
Celestia wears a gothic lolita-style outfit, consisting of a white blouse with a Long-point collar, a white ribbon tied around her neck, a black jacket that includes white ribbon lacing down the sleeves, fastened by a simple white ribbon across her chest to reveal her red tie (consisting of a butterfly pattern layered on top of various spears with skulls attached to it) and the waist of her skirt, which is many-tiered and features white lace.

Celestia wears knee-high stockings trimmed in ladder lace, dark red mary janes with a thick heel held on her feet by three grey buckles, a white lace headband and a silver, Gunmetal plated ring (reminiscent of a Gunmetal Armour ring designed by Vivienne Westwood) layered in overlapping sections on her index finger.

Favorite Book: Unknown.

Favorite Movie: Unknown.

Favorite Song: Unknown.

Favorite Artworks: Unknown.

Favorite Season: Autumn.

Favorite Month: None.

Favorite Holiday: Halloween.

Favorite Fashion: Lolita Fashion.

Favorite Food: Gyoza.

Favorite Number: Unknown.

Favorite Shape: None.

Favorite Color: Red.

Favorite Drink: Royal Milk Tea.

Likes: Lolita Fashion, European Lifestyle, Gyoza, Gambling, Sewing, Mathematics, Castles, Fantasy, Vampires, French History, Scaring People, Dolls, Cats, Manipulating Others, Fiction.

Dislikes: Swimming, Normality, Her Past, Her True Self, Green Tea, Participating In Sports, Her Parents, Reality, Anime, Being Isolated, Being Vulnerable, Being Helpless.

Dere Type: Tsundere, Himedere, Kamidere, Dandere, Yandere, Deredere.(Depends on the time, honestly.)

Strong Opinions: That luck is programmed into you the moment you were born, and that you are either born with good luck, or bad luck, as there is supposedly no in between. And that no matter who the enemy may be, those who cannot adapt will be the first to die.

Mannerisms: Twirling her hair, touching her lips, picture-posing, lightly smiling, soft laughing.

Hobbies: Sewing, Gambling, Reading.

Interests: European Culture, Shoji.

Habits/Addictions: Enslaving those around her.

Fears: Being Forgotten, Her True Self.

Skills: Gambling, Lying, Sewing, Manipulating Others, Singing.

Weaknesses: Her Mental State, Her Distrust In Others, Her Ambitions, Her Desires.

Social Type: Ambivert.

✯ [ HEALTH ] ✯
Blood Type: Unknown.

Mental Illnesses:

Physical Illnesses: None.

Disorders: Empathy Deficit Disorder.

Phobias: Athazagoraphobia.

Unhealthy Habits: Lying To Herself, Thinking Dark Thoughts.

Family: Unknown.

Friends: Her Classmates.

Romantic Partner: None.

Crush: Byakuya Togami (in the manga), Makoto Naegi (in school mode), Hifumi Yamada (speculated).

Idol: Marie Antoinette.

Other: Unknown.

✯ [ PAST ] ✯

Little is known about Celestia's childhood, due to her constantly lying, making it hard to perceive what is and is not real about her own family. She described her father as being of French nobility and her mother being a member of a German family of musicians, however, Makoto Naegi presumed this to be false. She stated that she was given the name 'Celestia Ludenberg' by her parents however this is later discovered to be a lie, so it is likely that her parents' heritage is also a falsehood. However, Makoto does believe that she came from the capital of Tochigi Prefecture, Utsunomiya where she came to love it's famous food, gyoza, despite stating it to be 'vulgar' and 'malodorous', which could possibly insinuate her hatred of the unsophisticated lifestyle she was born into in Japan.
While growing up, Celestia had a cat named Grand Bois Chéri Ludenberg who she loved dearly and made sure to spoil and pamper. She was eventually able to get him to enjoy her favorite food, gyoza, and this then became his own favorite, showing the close bond between the two.

Sometime during her childhood, she began aspiring to be like European royalty, such as wearing Lolita clothing, using an old English accent - and changing her name to a fake one that had connotations of European royalty. Her other mannerisms and strict, spoiled nature emphasize this. She seems to have lived a life of fake stories surrounding her past due to the nature of her profession as a gambler, making her known to lie and conceal her past, which is likely why she is dubbed Queen of Lies. Her goal in life throughout her childhood was to live in a big fancy European castle with handsome male servants dressed as vampires to become her own personal secret service. She wanted to live in an idealistic world based off of aesthetic decadence, which is an unusual aspiration given the contemporary society in which she was born into. It is unknown why she yearns to follow traditional Victorian morality, but she appears to hate her real self, as she dislikes ordinary and common things, and changing her real name, which was most likely given to her by her parents, is a testament to her dislike of her true identity.
With her dream to acquire a European Castle, she felt it was only made possible to achieve it through winning large sums of money via gambling. Notable occasions where Celestia put her life on the line for large sums of money in order to acquire her dream was when playing Russian roulette mahjong in the basement of a large mansion, her opponents being an old man who was a billionaire and a silver-haired boy who possessed a considerable amount of luck himself. She defeated them both at once and the crowd that had been invited to watch were in shock. She stated this to be one of her "fonder memories". Celestia's desire to gamble was one of the many enjoyments during her early life due to the risks of success for claiming her dream. She was renowned for managing to rob any who challenged her of all their money. Due to her given nature and deception, she was given the title “Queen of Liars”.

Celestia's previous high school is unknown before she was scouted by Hope's Peak Academy as part of the Class 78th, under the title the Ultimate Gambler by Koichi Kizakura after she made a name for herself in the underground gambling circuit. The reason for her accepting the offer of being educated at Hope's Peak Academy was due to being able to have unlimited success for the rest of her life, which would have sped up the process of achieving her dream, which had always been her life goal.

In photos found by Makoto, Celestia was shown playfully attacking Hifumi Yamada, while seemingly quite aggravated. This was just one of her many moments during High School at Hope's Peak Academy.

✯ [ OTHER ] ✯
Voice Reference: www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3FE8dQDxF4

Celestia Ludenberg is The Ultimate Gambler, she goes to Hope's Peak academy, and is from the visual novel series Danganronpa.
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