• Sarah Calendar •

{ Jennifer Calendar's daughter / the last Romanian gypsy descendant }
'Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Angel, non-cannon.'

After the tragic death of her mother, Sarah Calendar moved to Sunnydaleto be looked after by her mother's boyfriend, Rupert Giles and he rest of the Scooby Gang. She was the only descendant and family member left of her kind and felt the determination to finding out the truth of what had happened to her mother so the hole of not knowing could be filled so she could begin the grieving process for her mother.

Once finding out of her family history and being apart of her gypsy heritage and for what they did to one of the most evil of vampires to have ever walked the Earth, knowing that her history was responsible for giving Angelus a soul. During her time a being in Sunnydale, Sarah had easily become apart of the gang and became a close friend and addition to the Scooby Gang. Unfortunately however, Angel turned back into his Angelus self by having a bliss moment with the Slayer, Buffy.

It had become a hard time when Angelus returned and shortly after her mother's murder, Drusilla had a vision of her and instantly thought her to be a threat and soon enough, Sarah became an obsessed target for Angelus. Angelus grew to become obsessed with the young girl and therefore became determined to finding out a way to destroying the whole of the gypsy clan for good. The whole experience for Sarah was a living, frightening nightmare and has never mentally recovered from it.

A couple of years later, Sarah has never forgotten the experience she had and will never forget about it. A lot of happenings were going on in Sunnydale and Giles and Buffy wanted to make she's safe and protected and so Buffy thought it was best to take the girl to be looked after by Angel in L.A, even though of their rough past, Sarah's first few days in L.A was a rocky start. After Buffy had brought her to L.A and left her with the hands of Angel Invesitgations, Sarah has never really felt like she was at home.

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