Asher Davidson

Name: Asher Davidson
Age: 24 (flexible)
Race: Asian
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Demisexual

Approximate height/weight: About 5' 5," 90-100 pounds.
Hair color: White.
Eye color: Cloudy blue
Common attire: Cardigans, jeans, usually "hipster looks."
Birthmarks/scars: N/a.
Health (mental and physical:) Asher was born albino, and in a later accident became blind.

Personality: Asher is usually very quiet. He's pretty empathetic, and is a people-pleaser. He can be talkative around people he's comfortable with, though.
Hobbies: Asher enjoys listening to indie music, spending time with his friends, studying religion, and petting cats.
Occupation: He works as a elementary school teacher.
Residence: He loves across the hall from Evangeline, and she helps him around a lot.
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