Name: Kamari

Nickname(s): Kama

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Ethnic Background: They don’t define it anymore, or not as much, but he is mixed.

Religion: Does not practice religion, but he respects those who do. He enjoys listening to polythesitc tales of certain gods too.

Occupation: None, he does have a role in his ‘tribe’ though.

S/R Orientation: Bi

Family: Considers the tribe his family, he was born and raised by them.


Hair: Wavy, long (ends above his waist), and is usually in a certain style of parts tied up or braided. He blames some of the tribe girls for doing his hair, but he really just ended up liking it. He seems to have a recessive mutated gene that caused his hair to be ‘snow’ white, (including his eyebrows and eyelashes).

Eyes: Cloudy sky; bluish grey.

Skin: A complexion that is a dark olive tone.

Build: Lean and toned, though he could never get as ‘big’ as some folks. You know, those buff as f-

Tattoo(s): None.

Piercing(s): Lobes.

Scar(s): He has a gash on his left side, as well as many smaller and light ones scattered about his body.

Style: Anything that will not get in his way or get him to be vulnerable to vampires. He likes clothes that cover him up well and provide protection (unlike the image). His leisure wear is minimal though (like the image).

Brief Info

Some Personality Traits: Generally Calm, Strong Willed, Kind Hearted, Ambitious, Noble, Distrustful (varies), Stubborn, etc. He is usually collected, knowing how to carry his own weight. He tends to believe he is responsible to assist those in need no matter what, especially those who care for him and vice versa. Having his own moral principles to guide him, it is usually his drive. However, he is the type who may spare an enemy if he could, which put him through some issues in the past. Though he may be kind and gentle with the best intentions, it does not mean he will be ‘friendly’ or ‘trust’ so easily.

Some Likes: Moments of peace, Spicy Food, Victory, Having meaning, Learning, etc.

Some Dislikes: Being controlled, Vampires, The old man’s hopes, Hiding/Running, Uselessness (of himself or others), etc.

Hobbies: Anything that progresses their tribe to be less constricted. Though he does enjoy watching the sky if he gets the chance.

Abilities/Skills: TBD.
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