Save me

White walls, porcelain floor, no windows; room looked like a quarter in a madhouse. It's cold temperature was enough to give you a frostbite if you were anywhere near human. In the corner, sat a boy curled up in a ball, quivering with cold; his black leather jacket barely keeping him alive. He had his eyes closed and his face stuffed in his folded arms. Silver cuffs hugged his wrists, followed by long chains attached to the walls.

He was wishing for anything; a hero, a savior, a god. Anyone who could come save him from this hell. He would do anything to just go back to his empty, to see his friends again, even his a**hole of a father or bitch step-mother. He just wanted out. 

Suddenly, the temperature raised and he froze, reluctantly raising his head. He couldn't bring himself to be grateful, though. He knew what it meant. 

/He was here to see him/

"Good evening" The man's sickly sweet voice spoke, "Boy, it's freezing in here. Good thing, you're a dog or might have frozen to death" He grabbed a chair placing it before him. "Right, Elijah?"

Elijah's teeth gritted in anger, but he remained quiet, keeping his eyes trained on the wall next to him. 

The man chuckled, darkly at the lack of response. "I see you've learned to silence yourself" He sighed, "Ah bummer. I really loved to teach you all about manners" 

He bit his dry lip to keep from saying anything stupid. He just wanted to provoke him, so he could hurt him. Elijah didn't understand why he even needed a reason. He was his prisoner. He could do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. 

"I actually have good news to give you" He waited patiently for Elijah to ask him what it was, but the later might have learned to deal with a situationly wisely, he was still his stubborn self; he remained silent despite knowing what he wanted. 

The man's smile fell and he grabbed the younger male's wrist, jerking him forward. Elijah fell ahead, leaning on his three limbs, while when was held painfully in his hand. He reached down to trace his neck and the black band wrapped around it. "Don't forget your place, dog" 

"It's funny" Elijah finally cracked, "How you like to believe I'm the animal here" He knew exactly where to attack to get to the other male. This was something the wolf prided himself in. He may be on his knees, but was not weak and pathetic and he was never allowing this monster the satisfaction. 

He threw the boy on the ground, kicking him in the stomach. An involuntary groan escaped his lips and his hands shakily went to touch the hurt area. His body was stiff and vulnerable due to cold and starvation and the collar surpressing his wolf side. He couldn't bring himself to fight back. He smirked, standing over him. "You're lucky, bastard. I'm in a good mood today" He kneeled next to him, his hand reach down to brush his bangs out of his eyes. Elijah moved his face away. His smirk only widened, "Besides, don't you know how much I care for you, Eli?" 

Traitor tears brimmed in his eyes. He tried to blink them away, but they were already streaming down his face. 

"Aww don't cry now, baby" He said, "You know I never mean to hurt you" 

"F*** you" Elijah snapped. F*** everything. F*** him. F*** his life. Why did he ever allow himself to love such a monster? Was he this blind? How did he not see the hate in his eyes? 

He laughed, "I'll let you have that today. After all, what I'm about to tell you will be a little difficult for you to hear" Leaning back casually on his arms, he eyed the boy on the floor. "You would be happy to know your mother's punishment came to an end today" 

His breathe caught in his throat, his heart stopping. He forced himself to sit up, glaring at him, waiting in anticipation for his next words.

The man smirked, going back to his chair, taking his sweet time to make Elijah suffer. 

"What did they do?" Elijah snapped, when he couldn't take it anymore. 

"What do you think?" He leaned forward, "She gave birth to an abomination then spent seventeed years, running and protecting it and even when she was caught, she continued to beg for its life" He spoke with such hate. "But do you know what was her biggest crime?" 

Elijah didn't care that he was regarding him as an animal or calling his mother a criminal. Only fact he could focus on was he was speaking of her in the 'past tense'. 

"Betraying my father to go be with that dog" He spat out the last word, like it was something loathesome. "Well, she was put out of her misery today. Publicly hanged. Congratulations" 

Elijah stared at him, his grey eyes wide in disbelief. He couldn't bring himself to respond, to fight or yell. He wanted to. There was so much going on in his head. But all he could do was stare at him. She was gone. His mother was gone. The only person to every care for him in the universe was gone and he was alone. Even more than that, there was one question that had kept bugging him for days that he couldn't bring himself to ask.

The man appeared to shift uncomfortably in place. He had not expected that reaction, but again, Elijah always seemed to be so unpredictable. He never knew what to prepare himself for. 

"Why?" Was all he chocked out. 

The man blinked, "What?" 

"Why her?" A tear streamed down his face, "She did not deserve that. Why her? Why didn't you kill me instead? I was her crime, wasn't I? Why am I still alive?"

The wizard looked away from Elijah, as if he knew exactly why, but couldn't bring himself to tell him. This angered him. 

"Answer me!" He screamed. 

Something seemed to snap. Elijah saw the gears turning in his head and the monster he knew was back. He turned to look at him, his eyes blank and his lips in line. 

"Because I'm not done with you yet" And his wicked grin was back in its place. "I am going to destroy you so, so bad, that you will become incapable of ever loving again. Only then will I let you die" 

Elijah couldn't believe his ears. "What have I ever done to you?" His voice shook. He didn't understand. He didn't get what was happening. Why would he want to do that? What had Elijah ever done to him?

The man stood up, settling his coat. "I think, this is enough for today" He started towards the door, stopping right before he left and turned around to have one last look at Elijah. For a second, Elijah thought he saw it. The emotion, he had seen when he had fallen for him, the man who was willing to fight for him and protect him, but then it was gone so was he, leaving him alone to his greif, pain and useless wishing to be resqued once again. However, he had added prayer for his death in it.

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Liberalis // <3
LAMO Yes! That's what I thought! Although, Elijah took his revenge in ways he's not proud of. This guy will end up becoming a plot twist! So keep an eye out ;)

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DiversedStrength Ohhhhh.. Interesting! Very Interesting! ^^ I shall definitely keep my eye out for that! ;)
LAMO Yup! I'm actually pretty excited about it!
DiversedStrength If you are then I definitely am! ^^