Catherine Du Lac

Name: Catherine Elizabeth Du Lac

Nickname(s): Princess Catherine, Cat
Age: 18

Birthday: October 20th

Relationship Status: Single & Uninterested

Sexual orientation: Straight

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

-Carlisle Du Lac (Older)
-Calista Du Lac (Twin)

Species: Human

Likes: Reading, swimming in the pond, drawing, playing the violin

"I may be a female, but it doenst mean I'm weak. I can handle my own."
"Carlisle, you've always had so much love for everyone. I'm happy you found someone who loves you, Darling brother."

"We are inseparable. If you get one sister you have to deal with the other."

Raised in only the best conditions, Princess Catherine was taught towards a young age she could do anything she set her mind too. She had courage, knowledge, and she was always speaking her mind. Life was good to her, she was close to her siblings, her and her twin were inseparable. But, sadly her mother and father had promised both twins hand in marriage, Calista was okay with the idea. But Catherine wanted to marry for love.

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