Jolyne Kujo

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Name: Jolyne Kujo
Age: 19
gender: Female

Power : stand possesion

About herJolyne Cujoh is the sixth generation Joestar in the Joestar bloodline (counting Jonathan Joestar as the first). Her childhood was often spent without her father, as Jotaro was mostly at work even when Jolyne was in need of the most attention. When she was 14, her life as a teen began to spiral downward upon being mistaken for a suspect in a robbery she didn't commit and then fleeing from an officer by stealing a motorcycle. Upon being arrested and detained in a holding cell, falsely charged with the crime, she and her mother pleaded her innocence and even begged Jotaro to bail her out. However, as he did not believe her, in the end she was sent to juvenile detention.

When her mother divorced Jotaro, Jolyne became even more frustrated when he left the family. Soon, she joined the Hell Riders motorcycle/carjacking gang and spent more time getting into trouble. At 19, having cleaned up her act and left the gang, she went on a date with a preppy rich boy named Romeo. Upon driving home, Romeo and Jolyne were in a car accident, Romeo having fatally hit a pedestrian. Worried that he would be charged with reckless driving and dropped from a university's waiting list, Romeo decided to take the corpse and dump it somewhere, persuading Jolyne to help him and forget about the entire incident. A few days later, however, Jolyne was found at home and arrested.

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Happy_Day Is that a mf Jojo's refrence?!

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