Name: Anastasia
Nicknames: Ana,
Species: Kitsune
Gender: Female
Occupation: //depends on rp//
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Romantic Orientation: Panromantic


Height: 4'10 // 2'1(fox)
Skin colour: Light with rosy tones
Hairstyle: Long, usually down.
Hair colour: Dark brown
Eye colour: Golden // black scleras sometimes.
Attire: //depends on rp//


Ana is an outgoing kitsune, she's very open about her thoughts though she isn't mean at least not on purpose unless the person does something to piss her of and if they do they better pray. When she gets angry her sclera turns black and kinda goes into a dark kitsune mode. She has a slight anger problem but she tries to keep herself in control. She is a fox so she does tend to be a bit of a trickster and on occasion, she loses track of where the line is. She is a wild fox in a way, so the human body isn't something she understands fully and is very open about her body and is very into herself most of the time but isn't selfish.


Ana loves freedom, roaming the forest or opens fields and just running freely is one of her favourite things. Sleeping is something she really enjoys, she can be somewhat lazy at times. She absolutely LOVES adventures, going out and exploring new places though she would rather do that with a travel partner.


She hates being alone, she always feels lonely due to being treated differently in certain places. She doesn't like to be weak, in any way.


Ana is always open to trying new things, but her favourite things to do currently are adventuring and learning about all forms of magic.


Ana is pretty smart, she has been able to construct her own weapons using already built weapons and making them more interesting and powerful. She has a large amount of knowledge due to how much she has travelled and the fact she grew up with inventors for parents.


Ana is skills in many types of hand to hand combat as well as some weapons though she has a lot to learn.


She has some form of dark magic within her. She isn't sure where it came from but all she knows is it's strong and if she isn't under her own control she changes.


As a young kit, she was abandoned. Still to this day she doesn't know her birth parents are or anything about them. She was always smarter and stronger but wild but her adoptive parents helped her with that. She lived in a small town from a large kingdom ruled by a**holes, they only royalty that Anastasia liked was the second eldest princess. The two would sneak off together and explore the forest right outside the town. They were best friends as the princess got older she was able to convince her mother to let Ana into the castle as a guest even though she was a simple commoner that was different than everyone else. Though a guard was always right outside the door. Then a war broke loose the town was burned Ana risked her life to protect Diana her only friend but in doing so lost her most precious friendship because her wild side came out and terrified Diana. Ana felt heartbroken, she was covered in blood that was hers and the ones she killed protecting the one she loved and now she felt like a monster. Though Diana saw the look in Ana's eyes the look of evil then faded to a scared little girl and realized her fear was nothing compared to what Ana felt but it was too late the princess wasn't able to stop the fox from taking off never to see her again, she went back home but found her parents dead in their home that had been raided and burned.

Years later Anastasia is a traveller, going everywhere learning all she can, she lost her first love, her parents and home. But she stayed strong and made her life the best she could. She keeps her dark self hidden and tries not to get attached to people while still making allies here and there.

((she is mostly for medieval type roleplays, but I am willing to do others!))
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