❛ Ilyana Virstina of the Reylen Tribe. ❜

↳ AGE ↲

❛ Twenty-Two. ❜


❛ Bisexual. ❜


❛ 5'1" & 109 lb. ❜


❛ Nothing in particular. Since she spends most of her time traveling, she relies on mostly trade to make money. In a way, she's sort of like a merchant. ❜


❛ Compassionate. Reserved. Feisty. Tolerant. Amiable. Vivacious. Restless. ❜


❛ Her tribe didn't have the capability of making things similar to alcohol or drugs, so she doesn't use them and is really unfamiliar with them. ❜


❛ She's quite fond of dance for a variety of reasons such as how self-expressive it is. Although, in her tribe it was more commonly used to attract potential lovers, so she's a bit hesitant to partake in any type of dancing. She also really enjoys potion making, but that's likely because it's what her parents specialized in before they passed away so she does it as a way of remembering them. Apart from those two things, she spends most of her time on traveling or gathering food. ❜


❛ Born into a realm called Ensia, Ilyana was the eldest daughter of a family of elf-like beings. Her tribe, the Reylen as they called themselves, were magic inclined and were rather known throughout their world for being quite skilled in the art of spell crafting, potion making, incantations and more. For years the Reylen were left to live in peace, residing in the wooded lands of Ensia and occasionally venturing out to the grass plains of the mainland to take part in trade with travelers. They even had close relations with the royal families of the various kingdoms of their world. As a result, much of Ilyana's childhood was quite peaceful. Although, unlike most Reylen children, she was quite the late bloomer when it came to the arts of their people and didn't demonstrate magic abilities until her teenage years. She, in turn, wasn't able to practice her magic as much and wasn't even capable of entirely controlling her skills. Tragedy would eventually strike the Reylen tribe, too, as they would be viciously attacked and captured by a group of hunters that were seeking to use the beings and their magic capabilities to take control of the realm of Ensia. It would result in a horrible event in which the majority of the Reylen tribe was massacred in the midst of fighting back. Even Ilyana would barely manage to make it out alive, having suffered multiple injuries including a blow to her face that would damage her right eye and leave it blind. Following the siege of their homes and the massacre of their tribe, the remaining Reylen would separate and go into hiding to avoid capture. With no where to go and her family likely deceased, she would begin to traverse the lands almost aimlessly in hopes of eventually finding refuge. She would begin to learn how to handle herself in combat and become a proficient potion maker, but avoided using her magic in fear of attracting attention to herself. ❜
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