Aldran, the Hellhound

Full Name: Aldran Wrathfang

Known as: Hellbitch, Allie

Race/Species: Hellhound

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Age: Appears to be 26

Body Type: Toned

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Yellow

Skin/Fur Color: Brownish. When in Hellhound form, fur looks dark brown.

Scars: Several

Tattoos: None, unless you do a binding ritual

Piercings: None

Current Occupation: Fighter at a closed cage arena (illegal)

Personality Details: Allie knows only to fight and she loves it. She prefers the smell of blood and carnage to a conversation. Perhaps because she doesn't know any other life. Her master summoned her for the arena fights and she's been doing it ever since, going back and forth with her natural form and this strange humanoid form. She growl and barks at who she doesn't trust, yes she can also speak but is very distrustful of anyone who she meets. Gaining her trust is a hard job, but why not start with food?

Abilities: Besides being able to transform into a full hellhound, she has the ability to teleport herself through short distances, hear things miles away. She's also a great sniffer, fast sprinter and an avid hunter.

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