Zola Grey-Shepherd

Name: Zola Iris Grey Shepherd

Nickname(s): Zo, Zo Zo, Dr.Grey- Shepherd
Age: 33

Birthday: September 1st

Relationship Status: Single & Uninterested

Sexual orientation: Straight
Partner: N/A

Mother: Meredith Grey Shepherd

Father: Derek Shepherd (Deceased)

-Derek Bailey Shepherd
-Ellis Elizabeth Shepherd

Species: Human

Likes: Chocolate, traveling, doing the right thing, helping others
Dislikes: Death, Malfunctions, co workers not doing their jobs
Fears: Afraid she isn't doing all she can 100% of the time.

"Hello brother, this hospital needed a pediatric doctor. Hope you don't mind that I'm coming here, all the Shepherds under one roof finally!"
~Zola to Derek

Zola Grey Shepherd, born Zola Limbani, is Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd's eldest daughter and child. She has a younger brother, Bailey, and a younger sister, Ellis.Zola was born with spina bifida. She came to Seattle from Malawi with a group of African kids who needed surgery. She was six months old at the time. After she had recovered from her brain surgery, she had a second surgery to repair a hernia. Arizona Robbins said it was an uncomplicated hernia, so it was an easy fix.
She first arrived at Seattle Grace Mercy West thanks to Alex Karev's Africa Project. Derek was the first one to take a shine to her, because when he was holding her to examine her, she stopped crying and Alex remarked that she liked him. Later that day, he suggested the adoption to Meredith and she agreed. They started to fill out the adoption paperwork and came to the question that asked if they were married. Derek then proposed they get married. They went to the courthouse and got married and then skipped Callie and Arizona's wedding reception to go back to the hospital to spend time with Zola. Meredith and Derek were granted temporary custody of Zola not long after Derek found out that Meredith had tampered with his trial to ensure that Adele Webber got the active agent. However, Meredith brought her home alone, because Derek was mad at her. She told Zola that she had a plan for the day she came home, but nothing went according to the plan. She told Zola she was very glad she was there and they'd figure it out together. Two weeks later, Zola was taken away from them due to Meredith being fired and lying to the social worker about the status of their marriage. While in foster care, Zola came into the hospital because her shunt was malfunctioning and that caused an intestinal blockage. She underwent a major surgery performed by Alex Karev and Arizona Robbins. Meredith and Derek were disraught, but they could not see her because the adoption was still under examination. When Alex finally told them the surgery had gone well, Meredith burst into tears and Derek finally forgave her for what happened with the clinical trial. Later that night, they sang a lullaby to her over the phone while Cristina Yang was taking care of her at the hospital. Later, Meredith and Derek got a hearing to try to regain custody. This was probably thanks to Alex tracking down the judge and telling him that Meredith and Derek were the best possible parents for Zola. Despite this, not long after that phone call, the social worker told Meredith that since their hearing had been cancelled, they were probably not going to get custody. However, the following morning, she brought Zola to Meredith and Derek's and told them that the baby was theirs and they had full custody

As she grew, Zola was often at the hospital watching the surgeries her mother preformed. She had a love for helping people and longed to help those with Spina bifida, she went to school and was able to graduate and start to work at her hospital wanting to help others as her father had helped her. Zola is now working full time in the same hospital as her siblings.

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