- Please no text talk, unnecessary stuttering. I also prefer if you used at least some punctuation. (It’s not fun reading a paragraph of a run on sentence)

- I don’t like to use *...* or -...- for actions. I also do not use first person. I don’t care if you do, but that’s not how I type my roleplays as long as it’s not one liners.

-Romance if any kind will be kept to MxM if my character is male. If you prefer my character to be female (we will call her Olivia), then I don’t mind MxF or FxF.

- As I said in my bio, I’m fairy flexible. My characters age is whatever you aren’t comfortable with. I’m not picky and have played a wide range of ages.

- Also states in my bio, I do not participate in foot fetishes or potty play. You can ask in pm if anything is ok with the both of us.

I hope this helps. I feel as if everyone has the same rules, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.
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6 | Jul 11th 2019 16:42