Kill or not kill?

What to do to do a work you don't want to do? Obviously get drunk, he is really arrogant and thinks that he will never loose against his brother.
After going to drink he goes to Riko's house and wait for him to return back home. He returns a little late and Zhair is already sleeping.
They have a quick speech and a short fight, Heyzo is certainly more skilled... At that point arrives Zhair and stopped them. End of everything? He convinced Heyzo to not kill him for now. Because the problem is Riko's mother.

Heyzo decide to remain to sleep there but at the Moment he is in a park near the House. (He should control them)
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Choi_HoSeok Tsk, he doesn't even know how exactly sex works. He knows which part of his, he just doesn't know what to do with it. XD "Aight, but I have no idea who she was?"
He shrugs. "Should it surprise me? Why? It sounds like an all right surname to me." Wishes it was his too!!
"You are right to be scared, I'm a not recommendable person, you shouldn't take it lightly..." As badass as a bunny trying to growl.
Eventually he reaches a random man walking in the park and clings to his ankle. "Please ajhussi help, those evil guys are bullying me!"
The poor man looks at Song and Heyzo.
Holang-i "I would bring him to the priests, he is clearly underaged and looks lost.
How is a woman a top? Ah, right." He thinks about the old times with Noriyori.
"Ye, this is more possible than being brought by birds or be born from the ground.
Aish, why should I even try..." He mutters, about the surname.
Scared? Oo - he keeps wondering if he really took him seriously.
His eyes widen and he quickly approaches. "Aniyo, ahjussi, I am his older brother and he is refusing to come back home!"
The_Trickster He looks at Boo, °You should be scared to my little friend. I am not as good as I seem.° he looks at the poor man and smirks, °Annyeong ahjussi, I think that will be better for you to forget what you heard form that strange guy. He is a little special.
But she was strong, she is not the best, I am. Do not understimate birds. °
Choi_HoSeok "Aniyoooo, not the priests!" he whines, so not wanting to end up in a new orphanage where he knows no one and where they'd start to try to counter all of his strangeness as if they were his own will and not a condition.
He can't dream that his 'archenemy' could be scared of him??
"Aish..." Of course the man believes TOP and just walks away.
"Whyyy can't you leave me be, what have I ever done to you?"
Holang-i "You are the best wench, you mean? said it, not me.
Why people only keep mentioning birds lately! What did birds do to you?
Ye, the priests! Stop fighting, what's wrong with them? Some are grinches but you are exaggerating.
Nothing! That's why I am trying to help you, maybe? What can a child alone do?"