❝ all i am is everything and nothing at all ❞ — ( CHARACTER TRAITS )

  [ ✓ ] positive : good at reading a room, always up to hang out,
      low maintenance, hard to disappoint, goofy, creative,
      always has snacks or gum, has a nintendo switch,
      basically always awake if you need someone [ ... ]

  [ ✖ ] negative : bad at being serious, pretty emotionally
      closed off, really introverted, cancels plans,
      really insecure, projects onto others sometimes,
      can't take a hint, awkward [ ... ]

      ❝ all i am is shoulder for your heart to lean on ❞ — ( HABITS / BEHAVIORS )

    happy : goofy, cracking jokes, probably smiling a lot. being happy
    really suits his face. he's pretty easy going, so unless his
    depression is kicking his ass, he's usually like this. more open
    to talking to people and more likely to wanna go out and do
    things. finishes projects really quickly. kind of loud and easily
    distracted, but that's most of the time since he has adhd,

    sad : incredibly withdrawn. you probably won't see him at all.
    he really just sits in his apartmet and wallows unless someone
    reaches out. he'll make plans and then cancel last minute if
    possible. he lets himself go really fast, if he goes out, its clear
    he feels bad because he's in sweatpants and his hair is a mess.
    behind on everything because he can't find the motivation to even
    try. dry when talking, even about things he likes. not a crier.

    angry : he gets really pissy sometimes, especially if he hasn't
    had caffeine. not super quick to anger though. he yells when he's
    pissed. used to punch walls when he was younger, but he outgrew
    that. more likely to scream into a pillow. he doesn't like fighting,
    so he'll usually just try to leave the the situation. the type to let
    a minor thing ruin a friendship because he doesn't wanna deal
    with it.

    nervous : very fidgety. it's all over his face when he's nervous.
    usually, he's comfortable around his friends, but if he's nervous,
    he doesn't really wanna be around anyone. constantly checking
    his phone. alternating between biting his nails and rubbing the
    bridge of his nose while holding his glasses. its hard for him to
    function when he's ill at ease
      ❝ all i am is love ❞ — ( TRIGGER WARNING )

    - depression
    - occasional internalized homophobia

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