Rules beautiful rules

1. No Godmoding

2. I have a life outside of this place. So sometimes I won't be able to respond right away.

3. Clea is a single ship. But when she breaks up with that person then she would be able to date again. Clea is pansexual. Don't force my character to be with your person. First, let see if we click.

4. Don't ignore me. If you don't want to RP with me let me know.

5. Grammar is not my strongest forte. I am willing to learn to fix it so I can be a better writer.

6. Respect and treat me the way you want to treated.

7. No Furries and no Underage

8. Have Fun

9. To show that you have read the rules write your favorite song with your favorite color. Example Zombie Lavender.
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