Jean Grey's Powers and Weaknesses

Telekinesis - Jean has the ability to levitate, move, immobilize, and manipulate objects with her mind. Beast once stated that Jean's powers had no limits. When unleashing the full extent of her powers, Jean's powers manifested around her as a fiery raptor.

Molecular Control - At a full extent of her power she can manipulate matter at a molecular level at will, with the exception of adamantium, or anything encased or bonded with adamantium.

Biokinesis - At the full extent of her power she can also alter the formation of living creatures at a molecular level, with the exception of adamantium, or anything encased or bonded with adamantium.

Disintegration - Jean can telekinetically rip apart a being's molecules, destroying them, in moments of rage and lack control she can desintegrate any kind of matter with the exception of adamantium, or anything encased or bonded with adamantium. In the original timeline, during her 1st disintegration attempt, Phoenix slowly destroyed Professor X's cells before she completely obliterated him in the apex of her wrath. Later, when she is on the rampage, she disintegrates everything around her with no effort at all. In the revised timeline, during the battle against Apocalypse, she also slowly disintegrated him. The only substance that she cannot desintegrate or even manipulate on a molecular level is adamantium, or anything encased or bonded with adamantium.

Energy Manipulation - Jean can manipulate and absorb any kind of energy. She can redirect energy and control it, for example, when she was able to stop Scott's eyes from releasing a beam of energy, and was also able to redirect it during a fight.

Telekinetic Blast - Jean can project waves of telekinetic energy to impulse, hit and destroy many objects or people.

Telekinetic Flight - Jean can fly using her telekinesis by levitating herself. During the battle against Apocalypse, Jean was able to float in the air while attacking him.

Telekinetic Shield - Jean can generate telekinetic shields or barriers to block, contain and deflect/decelerate targets. To protect herself and others from the rushing waters of Alkali Lake, Jean blocked it the water. Jean unconsciously wrapped herself in a cocoon of telekinetic energy to shield her from the inundation. This can also become an offensive move by throwing the shield.

Telepathy - Jean had the ability to read minds, communicate mentally and project her thoughts in to other's minds. Was also another core power of hers. During X-Men, she states that Professor X is much more powerful than her. However, this was only because Professor X was blocking her powers, but once the blocks were destroyed she become the most powerful telepath in existence. While she was in a cocoon of telekinetic energy, her thoughts could fly miles away into the others' minds. She was able to defend her mind from Professor X's telepathy, even though he is one of the world's most powerful telepaths. During the battle against Apocalypse, he, who has shown to be stronger than Charles inside the Astral Plane, was no match for her, who easily destroyed him.

Mental Detection - She can feel and track other people's minds. Many of which will be shown in X-Men Apocalypse, according to hints made by Simon Kinberg and Bryan Singer.

Mental Healing - Jean was able to restore a few memories in Logan that Weapon X had taken. After the battle against Apocalypse was over, Jean was able to heal Charles' mind from the damage done to him by Apocalypse during their astral struggle.

Mind Control - She can manipulate the minds of others, for different purposes such as memory alteration, inducing sleep/paralysis, etc. She can possess the mind of another, and use that being's body as her own, as witnessed with Xavier near the end of X2: X-Men United.

Precognition - In both X2: X-Men United and X-Men: Apocalypse Jean has been shown to be able to see and feel glimpses of future events. Both times when she displayed this ability was when her powers were growing beyond her control.

Psionic Blasts - She can create a telepathic blast which can hit mentally, induce pain, knock out or kill a person.

Psychic Inhibitors/Power Supression - Unknown whether through either telepathic or telekinetic influence, Jean was capable of preventing Nightcrawler from teleporting and Cyclop's optic blast from being unleashed. This ability may be limited as she can not shut down Wolverine's healing and more likely Rogue's power siphoning. Considering both abilities are involuntary, and the fact Cyclop's lack of control is caused by brain damage, it is likely she can inhibit powers linked to conscious control and not natural functions.

Psionic Shield - She can create a telepathic shield to prevent her mind from mental intrusions.

Telepathic hypnotism - Through her telepathic powers, Jean can mentally hypnotize any person to do her bidding, or simply to extract information from the subject's subconscious.

Sedation - Jean can make others fall asleep just by touching them.
elepathic Illusions - Jean was able to make herself, Scott and Nightcrawler invisible to a soldier of William Stryker.

Concentration - If Jean loses her focus while utilizing her powers, her abilities will become invalidated.

Electric Field - When Jean was in the Weapon X plane, the electric field cage was able to block her telepathy, though doubtfully her telekinesis since it merely prevents her mind reaching past the barrier, not attacking it directly.

Instability - If she becomes emotionally unstable, she loses control of her powers and will turn into her darker persona known as the Phoenix. In the original timeline when scared, confused or angry, her telekinesis destroys things around her in a random pattern. She was able to hold her house and everything inside it several feet above ground and float herself with it. During her rampage in Alcatraz, her telekinesis destroyed everything present, even levitating several tons of ocean water and metal. However, in the revised timeline, she learned to control her emotions much better.
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