[!] . . . Wow, another Blog or.. Binary Log as some would say.. that is what Blog means right?

Anyways, I'm back with another rant or.. vent.. I don't even know why this is a rant, I'm not angry, nor I have a grudge on anyone.. at the moment. This is just an update

So.. apparently, friends are decreasing and the amount of people I have to reply are also getting shorter and more uhm.. how you say.. dry?

I don't know, but I'm sure Dry is the word.. it's like a lake, it becomes bland and uninteresting when a Lake dries up, that's what's happening to most of my RPs now..

BUT, not to worry, this isn't enough to stop me from sending replies, Please do just wait, I am going to comply a message to you if you are expecting one.. If you aren't then don't bother expecting me a reply..

I've had a small amount of new friends lately.. all of which I hardly messaged which is.. understandable..? Whenever I have a new friend, I always expect them to talk to me first.. because if they added me as a friend, they must be interested about me.. right? Then why not talk to me?

And if Uh.. I haven't sent you a message, it can be in different reasons;
[1] I'm either busy or currently occupied
[2] I may be dealing with current life issues and.. taking care of my other personality..
[3] And lastly.. I may be too lazy to reply to your message..

I'm sorry if I do feel lazy to send a reply, I just feel like I need more time and I dont think I have the mood to reply to ya..

And If I haven't sent you a message, I may have forgotten so.. do Reply to me first, informing me why I haven't..

[I'm still a depressed piece of sh*t, please excuse my rambles]
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4 | Jun 11th 2019 21:13
MarshMallowLoaf Hush, you're amazing. Reply whenever you want or feel like it ??