Ryder Young Bio

The basics:

Name: Ryder Young
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/him
Orientation: Straight
Dom/sub: Switch


Height: 6’1”
Body build: Slender
Hair: Brown or blonde (naturally brown)
Eyes: Blue
Tattoos: Many
Piercings: A few facial and stretched earlobes.


Smokes: Yes
Drinks: Occasionally
Drugs: Weed occasionally

Mental health:

He has depression but tries to hide it and stay strong for his younger brothers.


He’s acts a bit stern and mature but loves to have fun when he can. He doesn’t open up too easily and isn’t the most trusting person.

Favorite things: Music, video games, his brothers.
Favorite drink: Mountain Dew
Favorite food: Pringles

Least favorite things: Bills, talking about feelings, his loved ones being unhappy.
Least favorite drink: Lacroix, any flavor.
Least favorite food: Hominy

He works in an animal feed factory, making food for animals and bagging it. He works long hours to save up towards a better future for him and his siblings.


He has no idea who his father is, and spent most of his life living with his mom. He went to school and had a job to help out, since his mom was too ill to work. When he was eighteen, his mom finally passed and he and his brothers moved into an apartment together when he became the legal guardian of them.

“Brotherhood means… I will always come for you no matter the cost.” -Unknown
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