Please read these rules and show me that you understand. I haven’t had rules in awhile and I’ve come to find out they’re needed to keep away the spam accounts.

1. I’m pretty easy going. Just respect me and I’ll do the same.

2. You add, you talk. I will do the same. If you add me and don’t say anything, or just send one message and never speak again, you’ll be deleted.

3. What happens in our roleplay stays in the roleplay. My outside life is completely separated.

4. Please don’t add me if all you want is a ‘hook up’ or a quick fix. I care about stories and leading up to those moments. It will not be the focus unless agreed upon otherwise.

5. Don’t send me a starter without talking to me first. I will not reply and you will be deleted.

6. This is a multi character account. If you wish to roleplay with me, I have a full list of characters. If they do not fit, I will create a new one or adjust one.

7. Have some sort of idea. If you like one of my characters, but don’t have a specific idea, just talk to me and we can work something out!

8. I roleplay in 3rd person. Never 1st.

9. No strange romance. Etc. Brother/sister. Mom/ stepson. I’m sorry, but that’s not my style.

10. Life gets busy. Sometimes we all forget to reply, and that’s okay. Real life comes first. Please don’t spam me if I haven’t replied. Just send me a ‘bump’ message if I haven’t replied in 24 hours. I’ll reply to you as I can.

11. I’m pretty fluid with replying throughout the day on weekdays and some nights. I will hardly ever reply on Saturday nights(my time zone) and some Sundays I will not reply much. When I’m not working and my family is home, that’s where I want to focus.

12. I’m completely okay with a friendly chat here and there. Everyone needs someone to talk to and I do prefer to have a small chat before a roleplay, even if it’s a simple greeting.

13. Don’t forget to heart these! ❤

Thank you for reading the rules! I hope we can all start some wonderful stories soon and go on many adventures!

Also, if you heart these rules, I’ll probably send you a request if you do not send me one. It shows you understand and I’d love to discuss a role play.
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44 | Jun 5th 2019 21:19