Arashi Yuiki

Name Arashi Yuiki

Height: 5’7

Weight: 100

Appearance: Arashi is a tall skinny guy for his age with a white skin complexion. He has brown hair with two orange pieces that stuck up with brown eyes that have a white pupil instead of black. Arashi has white kinda brown ruffles around his neck to him there soft but to others it’s hard. He wears a light brown long t-shirt with a ripped brown jacket, brown cargo pants, and brown shoes. Arashi has a short thick T-Rex tail with a orange spike on it.

Move set
Tackle Normal 40
A physical attack in which the user charges and slams into the target with its whole body.
Tail whip Normal -
The user wags its tail cutely, making opposing Pokémon less wary and lowering their Defense stat.
Roar normal -
The target is scared off, and a different Pokémon is dragged out. In the wild, this ends a battle against a single Pokémon.

Personality: Arash is only a sweet guy around his adorable little sister Yaya but to others he’s quite distant considering his past. He’s a strong will kind of guy he’s doesn’t back down from any kind of challenge no matter how big or strong his opponent maybe. Even though he’s strong will he’s a klutz at times messing almost everything he sees and likes. Arashi is bashful at times not knowing how to express himself to others but he’s does to his sister. And finally he’s carefree he doesn’t care about any of his responsibilities or anything he just wants to be free. Once Arashi opens up to someone you will see a whole new side of him.

Fears: Arashi isn’t really afraid of a lot of things but the few that he is scared of are weird and understandable. The main thing he’s scared of are clowns to him they look weird and creepy and we run away in a heartbeat when he sees one of them. Next is babies he’s not scared of them he just fears if he holds one he might drop them so he stays away from them. Last is he fears people he fears them because he has no idea what they want to do to him.
Arashi loves playing video games he’s a huge gamer he likes all sorts of games depending on if there good
Arashi loves meat it’s his favorite thing to eat and only thing he eats no veggies for him
Arashi enjoys watching a good anime
He dislikes people cause he’s not a people’s person but tries to be
He hates bullies he doesn’t like anyone bullying anyone
He hates winter he doesn’t like the cold

In a forest near Metro City Arashi was left under a tree as an egg he was hatched alone in the night scared and afraid not knowing where he’s parents or when they would come for him, he was abandoned at birth and lived on his own for a few years before a family finds him. The time he spent in the woods alone he learned how to survive on his own hunting and scavenging for thing he need. He built him a tree house to live in. One day he was attacked by a huge bear destroying his home and being badly injured he took care of the wounds on his own falling asleep in a hollow tree branch to be found by a strange man hours later.

Mr. Yuiki found him in a tree hollow asleep and badly wounded picking him up and taking him to hospital to get treated an soon as the were finished Mr.Yuiki takes him to his new home in Metro city. Arashi woke up in shocked when he was surrounded by the family as they were in awe when He was introduced. He never had a name until his eldest brother thought of one a few days later for him naming him Arashi which is a dragon name but he’s a T-Rex hybrid he liked it and accepted it. Even though he was satisfied with having a family he still quite distant from them wondering where his real mother and father are but years later those thoughts faded away.
The family accepted him as if he was actually theirs. His second eldest brother introduced him to anime to pass the time by when he had nothing to do it became his daily thing along with playing video games. He wasn’t into sports or anything that involved being outside. As time went by he saw that the youngest Yaya was distant kinda like him so he wanted to join her in the distant so he begun annoying her to get close which would soon work out making then very close.

Additional info
He likes watching hentai
His birthday is May 26
Blood type is O positive
Very competitive when playing games

Oran Berry
A Berry to be consumed by Pokémon. If a Pokémon holds one, it can restore its own HP by 10 points during battle

Dragon Fang
An item to be held by a Pokémon. This hard and sharp fang boosts the power of Dragon-type moves.
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