D&D character idea

Name: Ren Argis (or Telum Winterheart look below for details)

Age: 25

Class: battle druid

Race: half wolf

Weapon of choice: a combination of magic and a xiphos

Personality(Ren): Calm, cool, collected, mostly optimistic, generally friendly, no tolerance for bullsh*t or jackassary, honorable, stubborn, terrifyingly silent when angry

Personality (Telum): Calm most of the time,cool,collected, mostly pessimistic, sadistic when it comes to fighting, honorable, not as friendly, stubborn, complete jackass, only nice to people who he /telum cares about, worst possible nightmare when pissed, sarcastic most of the time

Other: both with have conversations with each other, generally looking like a one sided conversation, Ren is the one in control most of the time, and Telum only is in control when Ren just gives him con or when he takes over after both end up losing their temper

Height: 6'2

Looks: hair is kept as a pony tail, black hair/fur, emerald green eyes for Ren, Ruby red eyes for Telum, has a scar over right eye from losing a fight as a kid, large muscular build, wears a set of green and gold light armor, generally keeps nails trimmed

Bio: Ren was born to a human father and a werewolf mother, but unlike almost literally everyone else Ren was born with two souls, his soul and the soul of Telum Winterheart the greatest werewolf warrior in history AKA the Blood Wolf, now for the longest time no one even noticed until Ren had gotten into a fight with a bandit who broke into his home during his training with the local druid to become a druid himself, when the break in happened Telum had awoken and took over cause Ren had frozen out of fear,Ren's master was the first to notice (aside from Ren himself) and made it to were the two can talk, and both while almost complete opposites of each other are good friends with each other, and at the age of 20 Ren became a master druid

(This is his armor but with gold trim)
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