Rules, read before you request me.


-If i deny your request, do not send another one, or i will silence you, i got harassed by repeated requests in the past, and no, it is NOT pleasant to receive this, forcing a friendship is never pleasant nor okay.

-No one-liners, they are usually terrible and hard to work with, especially if the partner have a "IDK" attitude, replying with.. nothing to be worthy, i expect materials, if not, i can send you to another dimension, in Rapture, dealing with the spliccers.

-Accepting only Games,comics and movies, those outside of my wishes will not being accepted or added,used to accept random people crossovers, that went usually bad, got bad experiences by people, so only those three categories will be accepted.
i do not like crossovers that much, outside of comics, movies and games.

-No, your character isn't my role main interest, my character will always turn yours down, he is not interested of meeting creeps, he is the guardian of Elizabeth, he will only protect her from almost everything, including bad behavior.


-Please, do an effort in your greetings, i hate to receive one-words for greetings, when you can write a little more, put something in or out of character, make it good, make it original.

accepted format: "Hello and thank you for accepting my request, i was wondering if you want to RP? hope to hear from you",

refused (deleted/blocked) format: "hi","hello".

-this is not a shipping account, i want that my character remain solo, wanting NSFW content will not happen.

-i am a banter, i can accept your interactions by stream, but i forbid you to contact me by messages if you have not read my profile first.

-I'm not forcing you to send a greeting if you don't want to, but you can do some banters, that is fine! who give a sh*t about "you add, you talk", that rule is purely illogical, when people are inspired, they'll do that.


-I am socially selective, meaning that i am not friendly towards everyone on the bat, i decide who to trust, who i can consider as a friend.

-I want something to work with, if not, i will ask to write more, if not respected, i will drop it, which format? semi to para are what i want to write with, one-liners are okay, but don't abuse of it, and one-words are never okay.

-I am not listening to OOC drama, but i would love to not seeing it, i.FREAKING hate that sh*t also, like people who share their relationship to the world, when you can take it to private and outside of computers..

-No text-talk, i will belittle people who use that term of communication, because i do not want to deal with lazy people who cannot type a word of three letters without butchering it.

-Do not come with a message like "RP?", because you would sounds like you are uninterested to RPing, i expect an interesting proposition, because what the hell i am supposed to guess with a single word? it's like if you would ask for something suggestive, like you plan to be a creep and you don't want to admit it.

do: "hello, do you want to RP, i may have an idea in mind, but do play as Songbird in the canon, or AU way?",

don't: "RP?".

Respect the rules, and you will be spared from the wrath of Songbird.
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0 | May 15th 2019 16:09