About Grinny Cat

Grinny Cat is a terrorist cat that wants to take over the world. Before he became the demonic, terrorist that he his today he used to be a normal black kitten that wanted nothing more than his owner to come back. But he was taken by a scientist from the animal shelter instead of his original owner that dropped him off there and said that they would be back in a few days. The scientist then created some type of potion or vaccine that would get animals to understand humans. But when the scientist turned off the camera the black kitten that grinny was turned on the scientist and killed him for hurting him. Jeff then found grinny while he was on a mission by slendy and brought him home.While bringing him home, grinny's fur began to fall out and stopped leaving his back, tail, paws, and ears, and top part of his head left with fur. Grinny, thinking jeff wanted to hurt him like the scientist did, took to himself to kill jeff but failed and now that grinny belongs to ej and ben, wont lay a paw on jeff unless he hurts ej or ben.
(The) Boss (as called by his henchman)
Cat (as called by smile dog and jeff)
Terrorist (as called by president bush)
Public Enemy Number #6 (as called by the government)
Grinny Cat (as called by everyone else)
Whiskers (as called by Ben)
The Pasta Monsters
His henchmen
Causing panic
Being needlessly evil
Killing his henchmen
Causing death and destruction
Holding people hostage
Gaining money
Leader of a major nameless terrorist group
Type of Villain:
Destroy all superpower countries (or any country with nukes)
Establish a new world order in which he is the ruler

“ How does it feel that soon the Earth and everyone in it will be ruled by me and that there is nothing you can do about it? „
~ Grinny taunting President Bush
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