1: I play Hydra Cap based off the comic series with Steve Rogers as Hydra, but with a twist to the story. Mostly because it's complicated. Instead of going by Steve Rogers, he goes by the initials. Also he is bisexual.

2: Replies! So I do have a life, I work five days a week and am usually busy on my days off. So please to remind me to reply if I haven't (max being about 2 days). I either thought I replied or completely forgot..

3: Please make an effort to spell properly, and have basic grammar. Nothing makes me want to stop writing faster than a cluster of mistakes. I don't have the best grammar myself, but just try and make it an effort.

4: Be respectful general.. common knowledge. Just don't be rude to others.
Also don't drag your drama my way. This isn't some school playground.

5: I won't automatically ship our characters. I love certain character pairings, but there needs story. Especially for when it comes to smut.

6: If, at any point, I say something offensive, or triggering (in or out of character), let me know. I don't mean to offend anyone, don't be shy to be like: " Hey that wasn't cool!"

7. I only do 18+ role-plays due to the dark writing that includes graphic gore, psychological manipulation, torture, etc.
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2 | May 15th 2019 12:53