Hydra Cap Background

Character: S.R (oc)
Organization: HYDRA

Clone Creation Project- Successful

In the t.v show Agent Carter, Howard Stark mentions to Peggy Carter that blood samples of Steven Grant Rogers where taken after the success of Project Rebirth.
Thus the blood samples containing the DNA of Rogers, alongside the particles of the Super Soldier Serum.
Howard stated that four small vials of the blood where given to the United States government.
Two given to the SSR and two he kept for himself. Which later Peggy discarded all of the SSR's and Howards supplie into the ocean.

It's stated that the ' Leviathan ' aka what was left of Hydra after WW2 had stolen two of the governments vials, yet nothing more was stated beyond that.

Where this comes into play:
Hydra being successful with creating the Winter Soldier after the War, staring the project "rebirth" of their own. Wanting more Super Soldiers, but not with the side affects of them having a past ans memories, which seemed to be the only default to the Winter Soldier.

Thus, coming to the successful clone creation of Steve Rogers including the super soldier serum, by head at the time Madama Hydra aka Viper who name tagged him SR-02, test tube child, grown strictly his whole life within HYDRA and their ways. Heir of Red Skull for them.

Crossbones. Hydra Merc. He was the first to train the clone. In some forms of hand to hand combat. Teaching him how to use guns to make him more deadly than Steve himself. Showing the clone to hit hard and keep the target he is hitting down.

-TaskMaster. He trained the clone in one of the most important fields. The Shield. Showing him every move Steve had in his arsenal but even then some. Teaching the clone to use it for defense and how to use it for deadly force.

-Even Baron Zemo took some time to teach the clone. The way of the blade. What was better than both a sword and a shield? A clone who could use both and then even more.

Anyone and everyone who had something to offer taught the clone. Teaching him many different forms of fighting. Maybe some Cap himself never even heard of. This would make him outclass Steve in every way possible. Which is more than what Hydra wanted. Now they had it and it would only be a matter of time before they could send there toy out to do there bidding.
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