If you drove a bunch of nails through a laptop screen and left the hard drive alone, chances are you could retrieve data just fine. The same could be said about phones as well. It could suffer a fall, but as long as you're able to get the SD card out, you shouldn't have to worry about losing baby pictures.

Now, could the same be said about humans or other sorts of metaphysicals? Chances are no. Drop them, drive nails through them -- chances are, their secrets will die with them. This often made torture necessary. Torture's a pain. Torturers in this day and age charge far too much for their rates.

Until now.

It's been leaked that DARPA found out how to decrypt the minds of dead people and said information has been loaned off to businesses heavily funded by the United States.

Whoever let that file out f***ed up. Big time.

Suddenly, grave-robbing became mighty popular. Dead stiffs left and right who had ties to a big corporation were being hauled off to back alley surgeons, with their poorly put together decryption rigs. Even major organized crime syndicates had gotten into the fun. In most recent news, The Russian Mafia started infecting the machines of nations all over (some of which belonged to Ukraine's nuclear power plants) to begin their global decryption scheme.


Off of the Coast of New Malibu, there was a cold-storage facility that held a single dead body. One of the biggest sinks in financial history, the man and the mind that held the cypher to nearly a trillion dollars in national GDP. The man may have been dead, but his mind was far from gone.

Several actors have been deployed to grab his body from cold storage. Some of these actors work for another nation, others were mobilized on the behalf of crime syndicates. Some had the great idea to murder each other in the hopes of attaining new corporate secrets.

Life had just gotten hell of a lot cheaper. People have now been reduced to walking data pads. It was just a matter of killing them without letting their brains splatter all over the concrete.

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